September 2018 Foreign Debrief



September 2018 Foreign Debrief

Willkommen in Hartfelden!
Est. August 19th 2018

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Das Imperium der Hartfelden has extended its traditional greeting in our faux-father (native for some) tongue.

Our community strives to maintain a rich casual roleplay experience in all that we do, and be a positive force for spreading joy in the interregional community by showing the good side behind the notion of a 'German region'! Will you join us in standing by the Kaiser to show that the corruption of extreme ideologies can never defame what we strive to create here in Hartfelden?

We are not puppets to any belief. You cannot claim us. You cannot define us. Für das Imperium stehen wir!


The following is an address delivered on behalf of Kaiser Friedrich I von Hartfelden, König von Haustfaldischt und Dastregel, Herzog von Festeracht und Haarberg (Scottiesland), with permission from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Debriefs aim to provide a summary for the regional happenings of Hartfelden. They will provide what we believe to be the appropriate information so as to allow for better understanding of our region and our vision, seeking to promote and maintain mutual understanding at an agreeable level for interregional cooperation.

This is not the media publication of Hartfelden, of which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, but rather the publication we believe to be of appropriate length and content for maintaining offsite embassies.

All questions should first be directed to the ambassador posting this Foreign Debrief in your region, who is expected to bring any questions to the attention of the Herzog (see Minister) managing Hartfelden's Foreign Affairs. If you doubt that your questions have been passed along, please try to inform Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen, who goes by the usernames of Nequedum (on discord), PowerPAOK (predominantly on forums), and Glacikaldr.

Founding of das Imperium der Hartfelden:

• On the 25th of October 2018, Die Verfassung des Imperiums von Hartfelden (The Constitution of the Imperium of Hartfelden) established das Imperium der Hartfelden (the Empire of Hartfelden) as a legal entity. Our Constitution can be found in either dispatch form or over on our forum.
• Hartfelden's fifty-nation milestone was declared on the 12th of September 2018 over on the official discord server.
• The region has climbed to over seventy-five nations as of writing on the 20th of September 2018.


• As of September, following the establishment of four ministries through the Constitution, the Kaiser has assigned the following positions within the government:
Minister of World Assembly Affairs to Mélisse Patricia von Ramsey (Indo States);
Minister of Foreign Affairs to Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen;
Minister of Culture to Großfürstin Aynia von Funkeln; und
Minister of Domestic Affairs to Minister Viktoria von Drinkers, Goddess of Drinks.
• However, this was not the first composition of government; on the 16th of September 2018, the Kaiser had to transfer the Ministry of Domestic Affairs from Herzog Marilyn Manson II von Munzenhan to Minister Viktoria von Drinkers, Goddess of Drinks at Manson's behest as per his interim status.


• September General Elections were declared as of the 10th of September 2018, which determine the composition of the elected body encompassing the middle house of parliament. After some minor delay reaching all the way up to the 21st of September, the following three candidates won the three seats uncontested:
Albrecht von Bavren;
Alexander von Hohenstaufen und Slane; und
Ervald von Kleinhaven the Goldblum of NationStates.
• The first Imperial Decree by the Kaiser, declared on the 11th of September 2018, delegated the power to appoint the Bundeskanzler (see Chancellor, who is to be the head of government) to die bürgerschaft (of which is the lower house of the three-tiered parliament, encompassing all citizens of Hartfelden as a form of direct democracy) as can be seen here.
• Later on the 11th as well, appointments for the Imperisrat, the upper house of which is reserved for nobility, were declared by the Kaiser, putting the following three nobles into power:
Großfürstin Aynia von Funkeln;
Herzog Najatilack zu Fürstenbirn (Crantere); und
Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen.


• The Kaiser has elected the following individuals as Justices of the Bundesverfassungsgericht (the Federal Constitutional Count):
Magistrat Friedrich von Marienburg und Prussiantinia;
Magistrat Gaylordschaft von Pichto; und
Migistrat Schmidt von Isengaurd.
• Following the appointment of the last Justice on the 11th of September 2018, the three Justices elected Friedrich von Marienburg und Prussiantinia as Chef Magistrat, making the Bundesverfassungsgericht now fully operational.
• Further, the second Imperial Decree on the 18th of September 2018 amended the Constitution to change the official title of the Kaiser and transfer the power of appointing Justices to the Kaiser among other slight alterations as can be seen here.

Concluding Statement:

Thank you for keeping up with das Imperium der Hartfelden! We now invite you to do the same for your region, if you have not already done so, in our Embassy Avenue (applications for embassies can be found here).

This debrief was written and edited by the following contributors: Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen, and Kaiser Friedrich I von Hartfelden (Scottiesland).

The following is our most up-to-date Foreign Debrief. They are written once a month, during the final week of said month by yours truly and the FA Staff: providing a summary of the regional happenings within categories deemed relevant by the Bundesregierung (our federal cabinet). Thank you for reading! :)
Herzog is pretty sick yeah: while some of our other German words and phrases are... pretty grammatically incorrect... I like to think Hartfelden's lingo/jargon has evolved over time through convention as per our rp-lite. :P

Thank you all for your kind words by the way :)