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    An Actual Walrus#6526

    "The truth of the matter is, war is only but a symptom. It is a symptom of that green-eyed night demon that marches to the songbird that is Lady Death. And all the world will suffer for it."
    - Her Imperial Majesty,
    Kaori Asukara,
    Regent to the Left of the Throne,
    Crown Princess of the Princedom of Yui,
    addressing a peace conference held between the Principality and its allies at South Nioki

    "Killjoy to Fell-Hammer, nearing way point Alpha-0-2-2."

    "Fell-Hammer copies. Maintain formation and prepare to knock."

    The winds upon the seas as if a midsummer night's dream. It's pleasant, almost wistful even. The sky is a dark-ish hue of blue with just the tinges of orange and yellow hinting at the horizon. The sun is shaking off the sandman's dreaded charm-speak, and all the world will be better for it.

    "Man Marco, did you catch a look at that bartender yesterday?"

    "Come on man, why you gotta remind me? I think Gai got her number actually."

    "Yeah," replies Gai, one of the pilots, "it's 867-5309." Laughter ensues.

    "Fell-Hammer to Killjoy. Cut the chatter. You're making all the girls over here jealous."

    "Sorry Overseer."

    "By the way, she wasn't all that cute. Especially with that ring on her finger."

    Ooooooooooooh, went the pilots.

    "10 out of 10, would've still asked for her number," says Hideyo, making an OK-sign with his fingers at the cockpit of the plane to the left of his. He knows Marco probably can't see it but he still does it anyways.

    "You would've asked for way more than her number," replies Marco. Hideyo shakes his head and makes a rude gesture.

    "Tengu to Killjoy. Cut the chatter. GPS puts you at half a click out from Alpha-0-2-2. You are to maintain radio silence unless necessary after knocking on the door."

    "Apologies Arima, we're just a little nervous is all," says Marco.

    "Red Brigade force recon has highlighted your targets with infrared-strobes. Greenlight to knock," says Arima while looking at the tactical display, "I repeat, Greenlight to knock."

    "You heard the Commander," says Marco, "just like we practiced."

    "Roger Gold leader."

    "All squadrons confirm ready to knock."

    "Red leader confirms."

    "Blue leader confirms."

    "Green leader confirms."

    "Black confirms."

    "All squadrons confirmed Tengu."

    Arima switches the radio to another channel, "Prepare the welcome mat."

    "Welcome mat prepared Lord-Commander," replies another voice over the radio.

    "Greenlight. Greenlight. Greenlight."


    Out of the darkness, flares of light appear out on the open sea as cruisers are revealed against the stark ocean depths. Missiles break free of their silos and race towards a land across the ocean. In the distance, sirens begin to blare as air defense systems recognize the threat... but don't deploy.

    "Uhhh... guys... where is the retaliation?" asks Miira while looking at the tactical display along side her Arbiters. No one had a sure answer. Even Arima is confused. He shrugs and switches the radio to another channel.

    "Tengu to Night Demon. Any word from the Night Walkers?"

    "Night Demon copies. No... they were instructed to maintain radio silence unless they ran into heavy resistance and or unexpected defenses. So... the answer to your concern is that they have no missile defense systems in place?" says Veronica, also scratching her head.

    "You don't think that such information would be worthy of breaking radio silence?" Arima says trying to wrap his head around what was exactly happening.

    "Uhhh, Commander?" says an Arbiter, "we've confirmed the unfurling of the entire welcome mat. All have hit their targets unopposed."

    "So Tribekistan's naval port has been disabled, in addition to its regional communications relay, and barracks?" Arima says with the most confused face possible.

    "Uhhh... Tower? Killjoy to Tower? Do you want us to still knock? We've encountered no resistance... and we are in enemy air space," says Marco, severely stressed out over the fact that not a single enemy fighter has moved to intercept the wave of bombers supported by fighter-craft.

    "Yes... please knock," Miira replies. And maybe see if anyone is home..?

    "Tower to Leviathan. Status report," Miira says to the invasion force.

    "Minimal resistance encountered," replies the leading officer, "I think a local farmer started taking pot shots at one of my boats with a pinking rifle. I don't even know what's going on right now."

    "Proceed with the invasion as planned. Execute with extreme caution," says Miira.

    Arima scratches his head, still confused.

    "Launch the second wave. Prepare to engage enemy targets should they present themselves. Just because the enemy still seems to be sleeping doesn't mean anything short of the fact that they are extremely ill-prepared and or incompetent. We must not let our guard down!"

    Arima switches to an open channel,

    "To the government of Tribekistan, if you could even really be called that. Your continued incompetence in relation to the security and well-being of your own citizens has forced our hand. We have watched for too long as you ignorantly twiddle your thumbs while you shun reality itself. So, to allow this travesty to continue would be against the most basic moral sense. We will supplant you, for the good of humanity."

    "We are the Imperial Yukkirian Guard of the Most Glorious Principality of Yukkira. And we will save you whether you agree to be saved or not."
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    I didn't agree to this
  3. Hatch

    Hatch Tribekistan

    This invasion is non canon, because I never agreed to it
  4. Hatch

    Hatch Tribekistan

    Can we postpone the invasion until i get my nation settled. I don't even have miitary numbers
  5. Hatch

    Hatch Tribekistan

    Unexpectedly, The Yukkiran President calls off the war.
  6. Predice

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    Predicean War Room
    1800 Hours

    "Ladies and gents, let's get this shit started. I want a naval taskforce out there as soon as possible."

    "We could get a taskforce out there, but are you sure?"

    "I am. Tribekistan deserves this. Send out the message to the Defin Naval Base."

    "But it could damage our reputation overseas."

    "Don't be silly! No one would defend Tribekistan! It's a failed state!"

    "Alright sir"

    Defin Naval Base
    1815 hours

    "Let's get a move on, we've been ordered out of here!"

    "Si Capitano!"
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    i just got done with a war
  8. Hatch

    Hatch Tribekistan

    im not doing another so soon
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    The HIRM Alwin sailed peacefully through the dark waters accompanied by around a dozen warships and a handful of missile subs to guard it. The journey from the Seta Base in Yukkira had been a very quiet and uneventful one but that wasn’t foreshadowing for the hell to come. This fleet was led by the famous Admiral Nikolai vin Holsman, a man known for his ruthlessness and cunning and with a fleet of rocket subs with him one could almost be sure tonight would have a lot of spilled blood.

    “Admiral on deck” one of the men shouted as everyone got to attention while a pair of solitary boot clicks could be heard approaching. Then the doors opened and the Admiral walked through the doors and onto the bridge. The room was dead silent.

    “As you were” he said in a serious and cold tone as everyone went to their former positions while still noticeably being quiet. He walked closer to the monitors over looking the nighttime sky with the moon reflecting across the ocean. This is why he joined the Malorian Navy, you don’t get views like this in the Army.

    “Status report” he demanded at one of the crewman as he saluted.

    “Admiral, the subs are in place and ready to launch the MIRV’s.”

    “Good. Give the order to fire at my command”

    He saluted as vin Holsman looked one more time over the ocean. Tonight was his night. No one was ever going to underestimate the Malorian Lion ever again.


    With that one rocket right after the other launched from the subs and right through the waters and into the air until they got to the point they needed to and the warheads separated and landed into Tribekistan’s largest population centers.
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    The Cassosili SFR had been siting in isolation for Decades, Staring as the nations of the world ripped each other apart. But there was a new threat on the horizon, right on the doorstep of the Soviet Federal Republic. The chaotic nation of Tribekistan had war declared on them by the nations of, Yukkira and Maloria. So it was time for Cassosili to strike.


    The Leprydna news broadcast plays in the background. A blonde Anchorwoman holding a cup of coffee, speaks about the upcoming conflict. General Trophonius Grivas leans down and goes for the off button."News about nations-." the show abruptly stops. Supreme leader, Xerxes Alexopoulos takes a hit of his cigar before sticking it into the ash tray.

    "So general, What are the plans?"

    "Well sir, we use naval bombardments to strike here and here." he points at two markers on the map "Followed by dropping paratroopers inland, destroying key bridges and landmarks. Lastly, Marines to secure a beachhead. Then I take it from there."


    "Being prepped at air fields around the coast. We doubt they will be met little if any resistance."

    "Good, Good. What about ships being used?"

    the general adjusts his glasses before pulling out a sheet of paper, "CSS Aposkopeion and another 19 ships."

    "So when do we start?"

    "On your command, sir"

    "Well, Lets get to it."
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    An Actual Walrus#6526
    Tribekistan is now aware that this thread is non-canon to the fullest extent possible. Unless others wish to keep this thread open, moderators, please close this thread.
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    SMH. Closed and moved to archives.
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