June 2018 Update

June 2018 Update

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King James IV and IX
Prince of Wales: HRH Princess Victoria

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: VACANT
Crown Court Chief Judge:
Lord Wessex

Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: Daniel Norfolk​
Home Secretary: Vlaska​
External Affairs Secretary: Francis A. Stuart​
Culture Secretary: Lucas Wessex​
Public Services Secretary: Arthur Jameson​
Attorney General: Jan van Dijk​

Parliament at Work

Not long after the election Parliament got to work on a busy and ambitious agenda. Almost immediately after being opened the House of Commons passed a resolution to temporarily alter the makeup of the cabinet for the 47th premiership. The Foreign Office and the Defence Office would be combined into the External Affairs Department to be headed by Francis A. Stuart as Secretary of State for External Affairs. The same resolution also created the Public Services Department which shall oversee many key public services in the region. The Department will be headed by Arthur Jameson. Parliament also passed the Full Representation Act Amendment to put the control of the election of the In-Game Representative under the Prime Minister versus the Home Secretary. It also shortened the amount of time the election would run.

However, due to a great real-life opportunity with a major political party House Speaker Jacob Rees-Mogg had to resign and elections for his replacement saw George Wessex, MP for Wiltshire ascend to the Speakership. After announcing his resignation as Speaker he received much praise from the other Members of Parliament.

Region Cheers on England

England's National Football team's tremendous success in the FIFA World Cup has had the citizens of the United Kingdom on the edge of their seat in much glee. His Majesty released a statement close to the beginning of the World Cup with a simple message of good luck to the England Football Team

"His Majesty has sent a good luck message to the England football team in the FIFA World Cup, hosted in Russia, as it today became certain that the team had qualified through the group stage.

The whole spirit of the nation is with the England team as they move onwards through the tournament.

The King looks forward to welcoming the team back home - hopefully with trophy in hand.

Dieu et mon droit."

As England kept advancing more and more in the championship game the citizens got more and more excited and now with England advancing to the quarterfinals the mood in the region and presumably real-life United Kingdom is up and people are biting their fingernails with hopes of much success for England FA.

With not too long to go in the term of the Mayor of London the Mayor, Jay Dee Bonaparte decided to step down from his position early due to real life circumstances leading him away from Nationstates for at least a few months. He expressed his original desire to finish his term and slip away into the shadows but real life circumstances demanded his immediate attention and would require him leaving NS at that moment he said in a statement from the Mayor's office on July 1, 2018. The Mayor who oversees the London City Council and London subforums has often been an inactive office but Jay Dee made strives to make it active and we wish him the best of luck in his real life and hope to see him back in our halls one day.

Also recently, the Home Secretary, Andrew Fraser also stepped down due to time constraints that would prevent him from successfully being able to carry out the duties of the office he held. In his place, one of the regions more active members, Vlaska, was appointed the Home Secretary by the Prime Minister on June 28 with the Prime Minister saying he can bring a fresh voice to the cabinet.