Embassy of Forest

In-game embassy with TNP
We are now hours away from the opening of the Forest TNP in-game embassy, a friendship we trust will be of lasting benefit to both regions. The move was endorsed by an impressive margin of 27-5 in Forest's regional vote. Especial thanks to Siwale for enthusiasm in building up contact over the last 6 months.

New forum
Forest's new and much anticipated new regional forum has finally been opened. It can be found here and visitors from our allied regions are very welcome. How the forum will fit into the running of a region that prides itself as being NS site based will no doubt emerge over time, though we're committed to the principle that neither the forum, nor Discord, nor anything else offsite should be essential for participation in the region.

Forest Keeper elections
We've just completed the election for our regional leader, which is a distinct post from WA delegate. The election was prompted by the mid-term resignation of incumbent Palos Heights due to RL commitments. Palos remains an active community member and will be remembered as the Forest Keeper on whose watch Forest really burst on to the international scene. There have been a number of midterm government resignations, which may prompt a review of the 12 month term length that is, as far as we know, the longest democratic term in NationStates.

In a hotly contested election 9 candidates put themselves forward. After a week long campaign followed by 3 days of voting Caracasus scored exactly 50% of the vote, missing out by 1 vote on an outright victory. There followed a run-off vote between the two leading candidates, the second of which was Mount Seymour (aka Somyrion aka Aumelodia). Caracasus was victorious in this second vote by 23-12.

The new Forest Keeper is an established issues editor and author as well as a General Assembly author and has been resident in Forest for nearly 3 years. He has served in previous governments as Roleplay Minister and is known for his prolific sci-fi influenced creative writing and incessant communist propaganda (and I'm not even joking).

Caracasus ran on a platform of developing Forest as a direct democracy and describes the role as a facilitator of the collective will rather than a presidential figurehead. His first actions have been to set up open committees on the new forum to work up ideas for regional development which will later be put out for approval by an onsite regional poll. The first such poll has just started and concerns whether to introduce a civil service type government post with responsibility for the WFE. Caracasus is also promoting greater knowledge of and involvement in the World Assembly, a project more than a little bit inspired by TNP's Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. Other new ideas are coming thick and fast as direct government takes root.

All the other Regional Officer posts have remained in the same hands with Ransium as WA Delegate, Ruinenlust as Foreign Affairs Minister and The Cypher Nine as Culture Minister. Mozworld remains as regional historian, though this is no longer a Regional Officer post. The next election is due in September, 12 months from the last full election.

Aside from TNP we have new embassies with New Western Atlantic and Conch Kingdom. We narrowly voted to close our embassy with Gay in response to declining democratic and cultural standards there and some unfortunate exchanges with members of their government. It should go without saying that Forest remains unequivocally committed to LGBT+ rights.

It's generally a time of activity, change and positivity in Forest and an ideal time to be launching our new embassy partnership with TNP.


Thanks for the update, Uan. I'm looking forward to our game-side embassy! The new forum looks awesome! Congrats to Caracasus on the election and all of the regional officers on their appointments. Looks like a phenomenal team!
Thanks for the update, Uan. I'm looking forward to our game-side embassy! The new forum looks awesome! Congrats to Caracasus on the election and all of the regional officers on their appointments. Looks like a phenomenal team!
Thanks Siwale. Thanks also for your support for our new forum by starting so many game threads!
People of The North Pacific, you are warmly invited to demonstrate your green fingers and oxygenate your immediate environment by joining in with Forest's Grow a Plant event!

The categories are as follows:

50 CC Challenge: Gardeners who take up this challenge will be graded on their development on easy to grow and fast growing plants which includes many greens like lettuce, arugula that may take between a couple weeks or a month to mature to a reasonable degree.

100 CC Challenge: Gardeners who take up this challenge will be graded on their development on fairly slow growing plants which includes things like beans, onions, roma tomatos that may take between a couple months to mature.

150 CC Challenge: Gardeners who take up this challenge will be graded on their development on very slow growing difficult plants which includes things like pumpkins or full sized tomatoes that may take the full length of the contest to grow.

Rainbow Challenge: Gardeners who take up this challenge will be able to grow anything that they have their hearts set on. Planting in a specific time frame with various weather differences can be tough. Plants in this category will be graded on overall development, work ethic, and creativity.

In addition to the challenges themselves, there will be other awards to win as well Best Rookie Gardener, Best Overall Plant, and the Raspberry award for plants that didn't make the cut.

There is a link here here for signups. As of right now, assuming I get positive feed back you guys may start as soon as you wish. The contest will end the first week of October. Your plant doesn't necessarily need to have reached full maturity, but it will be matched against others attempts. You can grow more than one plant, and pick the one that came out the best. You can join as many challenges as you want but each category must have a separate plant(s) for submission.

Link here to Forest's forum to discuss and post progress pictures!

Posted on behalf of The Cypher Nine - Culture Minister.
Greetings one and all.

Forest has just adopted a constitutional amendment reducing the term of the Forest Keeper (our head of government) from a year to 6 months. This comes at the end of a 2 year period where nobody has completed a full term because of real life issues, so it's hoped that it will provide more continuity and also avoid putting off potential candidates. We have been burning out our government officials somewhat of late.

Elections will now take place every March and September. If a vacancy does arise there will be a fresh election. If that happens within 3 months of the next scheduled election, that election will be skipped and the new Forest Keeper will serve a term of between 6 and 9 months.

There's no change to the voting system, which happens via an onsite regional poll for reasons of transparency. Eligible voters are those WA nations present in the region at the close of nominations, 7 days before the vote begins.

In other news, we're pleased to have opened an embassy with The Leftist Assembly, who have dropped their previous policy of having embassies only with left wing regions and begun reaching out to a greater variety of allies.

On a much lighter note, we're looking for a few volunteers to complete the numbers for a game of eco-themed mafia. Anyone interested please go to Forest's forum - link from the WFE.
Finally, I am delighted to announce that Forest has a new regional map! Not managing to get one completed has been a bit of an issue for a long time, but thanks to the tireless work of cartographers Areulder and Calenmor it's finally done. Versions of the map showing climate and Greenness Index are now being planned. As more people continue to sign up, the area of Uncharted Wilderness are also being steadily filled in.
[quote uid=3325 name="El Fiji Grande" ]That's impressive! What program are your cartographers using?[/quote]I'm reliably informed that it's done using Inkscape, chosen because of the fractalisation tool.

El Fiji Grande

Proud TNPer
"I'm reliably informed that it's done using Inkscape, chosen because of the fractalisation tool."

Ah, I've heard that's good. Thanks.
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Hey all! As some of you may or may not know, Uan aa Boa is now our Forest Keeper, and I will be taking over for Uan as the Forest ambassador to TNP. I apologize for being so late with my first post.

With the election of a new Forest Keeper, the government has had some changes, including a Deputy Forest Keeper, Forum/Discord Sower, and Gameplay Ambassador being added. We have some returning officers, such as Ruinenlust as the Embassy officer, and Mozworld as the WFE editor, as well as some new faces, such as Lord Dominator and Turbeaux.

Additionally, we have opened embassies with Conifer following a vote overwhelmingly in favor. It's doesn't really affect our embassy with TNP, but it happened today, so I thought I would include it.


Hello friends in the North. The following message is brought to you, courtesy of the esteemed Mount Seymour.
Hello friends!
Forest's fourth annual Photo Contest is beginning and as has been the case in past years, submissions are open to anyone from our embassy regions. We'd love to see some submissions from y'all! :)

You can find more information here:

Happy photographing!

So with that said, I'm excited to see what some of you come up with.


Forest January Update

Government of Forest

Founder: Errinundera

WA Delegate: Ransium

Forest Keeper: Uan aa Boa

Deputy Forest Keeper: Turbeaux

Embassy Officer: Ruinenlust

WFE Editor: Mozworld

Roleplay Mentor: Caracasus

Forum and Discord Sower: Mount Seymour

Gameplay Ambassador: Lord Dominator

Head Cartographer: Areulder

Statistics Officer: Blon Gre

Voice of Forest: Canaltia


Since this is the first of a series of updates, a foreword would be a good way to start this one off. This is the January Forest Update, a series of paragraphs meant to condense all of the important events in the previous 3 months for the benefit of our embassy regions. As Voice of Forest, it is my honor to manage these updates. Because this is the first update, it’s a way for me to lay the groundwork for what I want to do with these updates, and it will evolve based off of what is needed, what would make it more effective, and most importantly, what you lovely people want to see.


In the past three months, Forest has been blessed with a very stable government, with 2 additions, no removals, and no changes for government positions. The additions were the Statistics Officer, and the Voice of Forest, and were following a telegram sent out by Uan aa Boa on November 11th.

To quote Uan, the purpose of the Statistics Officer is “to decide on a new format to recognise environmental excellence and put new dispatches in place.“ Basically, the Statistics Officer is given the responsibility of carrying on Montmorencia’s work, and creating a ranking system to celebrate the many environmentally outstanding nations in Forest. This position went to Blon Gre, who was appointed on November the 21st.

The second position, Voice of Forest, is given the task of “prepare[ing] regional news updates for our ambassadors to post in our embassy regions and their off-site fora, as well as our new thread in the NS gameplay forum”. The position was given to me, Canaltia, and this update is the first of the regional news updates mentioned above.


When Uan aa Boa was elected as Forest Keeper, one of their goals was to increase Forest’s embassy presence. In my opinion, the last while has been a tremendous success with embassies. Forest has opened no less than four new embassies, and there have been seven ambassador appointments.

Starting with the embassies, on November the 27th, Forest opened embassies with Conifer, the environmentally-friendly region of 101 nations (at the time of writing), following a 33-1 vote. On December the 6th, Forest and the influence powerhouse of Europe opened embassies, with a similar 33-1 vote in favour. A mere 4 days later, embassies with Sonindia, a defender and RP region, were opened, after a 21-14 vote. Last but not least, embassies with Wintreath, the eternal winter wonderland, were opened after an 18-1 vote on December the 29th.

Following these embassies, ambassadors were appointed shortly after. Seagull was appointed to Conifer, New Ladavia to Europe, yours truly to Sonindia, and Turbeaux to Wintreath. In addition to these, three ambassadors were appointed to other embassy regions who didn’t have ambassadors previously. On November 19th, Palos Heights was appointed to Oatland, and on November 20th, Rejectionville was appointed to The Bar on the Corner of Every Region, and The Southern Cascadian States to Winterfell.


Recently, Forest has been blessed with not just one, but two major cultural events, with the Autumnal Writing Contest and the Forest Photo Contest.

The Autumnal Writing Contest, organized and run by Caracasus, opened for submissions on October the 22nd to anyone in Forest or a region we have an embassy with. After all of the amazing submissions, the judges managed to pick out winners on December the 7th. Congratulations to everyone involved, since there were some truly inspiring pieces of writing submitted. You can find all the details in the contest dispatches linked below.

Beginning December 1st and ending at the last second of 2018, the Photo Contest was run by Mount Seymour and was open to any nation in Forest or a region with embassies with Forest. The amount of not just submissions, but high quality submissions, was astounding. Sure enough, the winners were announced last night, and you can find the details here.


That about sums up the Forest happening in the last few months. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot me a telegram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you to all of the people in our embassy regions for making the past three months so enjoyable.



Hi all,
Due to the recent military invasion of Winterfell, the government of Forest has decided it pertinent that I post here to express our displeasure, seeing as Winterfell is both an embassy region of ours, and a region of little-to-no value for raiders. We hope we can move past this incident, and see to it that a similar military operation doesn't happen again.
-The Government of Forest


Embassy regions of our embassy partners are not subject to any non-aggression pact arrangement. No region expects this unless that embassy region is also a colony of some kind.

It was raided and will be restored when the NPA leave. That’s the best case scenario for small founderless regions.


Forest April Update

Government of Forest

Founder: Errinundera

W.A. Delegate: Ransium

Forest Keeper: Turbeaux

Deputy Forest Keeper: Lord Dominator

Foreign Minister: Ruinenlust

Deputy Foreign Minister: Verdant Haven

Voice of Forest: Uan aa Boa

Face of Forest: Mozworld

Cartographer: Areulder

Roleplay Mentor: Caracasus

Discord and Forum Sower: Mount Seymour


First off, Happy Easter to all of the lovely people playing Nationstates. Whether you’re religious or not, I think we can all agree that this is a great time of the year (until someone inevitably eats too many chocolate eggs and gets sick). Also, we made it to a second update! That means we now have a tradition!


As per the Forest Constitution, from March to April, we had an election season! That means we have a lot of changes to the government.

The election process started on the 16th of March, and we only had two candidates come forward: Turbeaux and Chan Island. Both ran stellar campaigns, Turbeaux promising to increase non-WA nation involvement in government (dispatch linked at bottom), and Chan Island offering tours of NSG. Turbeaux won, with a 27-8 lead on April 2, however I believe that Chan Island would have had a better chance if it was tours of anywhere except NSG. Nonetheless, congratulations to Turbeaux on a well-deserved win!

When Turbeaux came into government, they brought a lot of changes with them. Firstly, we had Ruinenlust (Foreign Affairs Minister), Mount Seymour (Forum and Discord sower), Caracasus (Roleplay Mentor), and Areulder (Head Cartographer) returning to their positions. Welcome back all! Mozworld was also reappointed, but their role was changed from “WFE Editor” to “Face of Forest”, and they are now also partially responsible for making all future updates look good. After Chan Island turned the position down, Lord Dominator became the Deputy Forest Keeper, and Verdant Haven became the Deputy Foreign Minister. On top of all that, Uan aa Boa replaced Yours Truly as Voice of Forest (more on that at the end), and Blon Gre hasn’t been reappointed to Statistics Officer, likely agreeing to do their work without a shiny badge. Very commendable of you, Blon Gre. Thank you for your service!

And that about sums up our election season. Congrats once again to Turbeaux, and to all the ministers, old and new. I look forward to seeing what the next six months bring!



In the past few months, we’ve had few changes when it comes to embassies, probably due to election season taking up so much of everyone’s time. But, we did have an embassy open with Pacifica on February the 20th, following a 13-7 vote. I’m very excited about our future with them, seeing as they are such a vibrant and active region! We also opened embassies with Osiris on April the 17th, following a 26-18 vote in favour, and despite them being a sinker, I can be sure a lively and upbeat partnership will result in this embassy.

On a sadder tone, we also had an embassy closure with The LCRUA, due to an incident on discord, and some disagreements stemming from it. I can’t recap it here in an unbiased way, nor a way that wouldn’t fill my telegrams with hate, so I’ll leave it at that.


Well, while our regular Forest contest season ended, we still had a very exciting event in junction with The Rejected Realms! Dead I Jack and Turbeaux put on a story-writing event, Journey Through the Woods! It was a great time, and I got to take part in some story writing, something I don’t get to do often. More information can be found in the dispatch below.


Right, to end this update, I’d like to address one of the changes in government noted above. I am no longer the Voice of Forest, and this will be the last dispatch I write (unless I get reappointed later, of course). I would like to make clear that this was because I stepped down, due to upcoming personal commitments that will render me without internet for a few months. I enjoyed every second of serving on the government of Forest, and I hope I may get the opportunity to do so again in the future. There are no hard feelings between me and anyone on the Forest government, and I am very excited to pass the baton off to Uan aa Boa, seeing as they basically made these updates a thing in the first place. Speaking of which, Uan aa Boa sent me the following as their introduction:

“I'm the previous Forest Keeper but I first started doing updates in the summer of 2016 when it was part of the role of Forest Affairs minister. I'd like to see updates that look professional but for that I'm definitely going to have to draw on the design and IT skills of other people in Forest. Since we don't have much going on in the way of regional politics I'd like to showcase some of the good stuff we do produce by including creative writing, short essays or other interesting content from some of the very talented people we have in the region.”

Very noble goals, Uan aa Boa, and I wish you luck.

Well, that’s all for this update. If you have any concerns about this update, TG me and I’ll get back to you, and any suggestions should be sent to Uan aa Boa. Thank you to all the people of Forest for letting me serve the community in this way, and to all of the people who make Nationstates such a great place!