The North Pacific & Greater Dienstad Roleplay and Cultural Exchange

Are you visiting from Greater Dienstad or from another region? Are you a nation in The North Pacific and this is your first post on the forum?

Feel free to tell us a little bit about you in this thread here. We look forward to getting to know you!


This isn't my first post on TNP's forums, and some of you already know me, but I am the Free Republic of Lamoni. I am GD's ambassador to TNP, a Senior RP Mentor, as well as an NS Forum Moderator. If you have questions about RPing on NS, i'm certainly one of the people to talk to. I have been on NS since 2002, so i've seen a lot of things, as well. If there is anything that you'd like to ask me, please feel free.
Hey, I'm Starblaydia, and I'm here to promote and inform about the wonders of Sports Roleplaying. What makes me the expert on Sports? Well, it's essentially the only thing I've done over the last fourteen years on NS, and where all my achievements are.

In terms of OOC achievements that spill into NS, my WA Commendation, the first for a sports nation, was largely for my involvement in codifying, running and guiding the Sports community, particularly the largest and most prestigious tournament on NS Sports - the NationStates World Cup.

I've been nominated and voted in as President of the World Cup Committee (WCC), the governing body of the World Cup, for six terms (each lasting three WCC cycles) and managed the transition of the community from the old Jolt forums to the shiny new NS ones that we enjoy today at the time of World Cup 47.

I've co-hosted the World Cup three times (WCs 20, 40 and 80) and remain the only user who has hosted all three WCC-sanctioned events (The Baptism of Fire, World Cup and Cup of Harmony) in the same cycle. I also oversee the Under-21 World Cup, which I revived due to the original host's inactivity, and is now called the Di Bradini Cup, after my most famous player (who is in my avatar).

In IC competition terms of success on the field, Starblaydia's national football team are fairly legendary, having won the World Cup five times - a joint record - the Atlantian Oceania regional championship six times (something Lamoni won once, before being in GD), and the Men's Olympic Football once, along with other minor tournament wins. Starblaydia has also competed in Ice Hockey (winning the old Cherry Cup 5 times), been Quidditch World Champions (hosting the tournament twice), and seeing some success in Motorsport. Starblaydia is also now competing in American Football in the World Bowl, with plans to enter the International Basketball and Baseball competitions in the future.

Hopefully all this means that I can talk about, promote and guide you into the field of Sports Roleplaying and the particular niche game-within-a-game that it enjoys, whether as part of the multiverse-wide competitions, or something within TNP. I look forward to any and all questions you may have about my Seminar.