[OOC] Submit Questions for the National Leaders Debate


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The North Pacific & Greater Dienstad Roleplay and Cultural Exchange
National Leaders Debate

What is happening?

As part of the TNP-GD Roleplay and Cultural Exchange we will be hosting a non-canon and in-character National Leaders debate. This will allow anyone, from any region, or from any RP world to send their national leader or representative to our host nation to participate in a national debate.

Questions will be posted in an in-character thread on this forum and on the regional message board allowing for participation across both mediums. There are no limitations on length of response, but the host of the National Leaders Debate may call you on relevance. You are also expected to show respect towards other debate participants.

Where will this occur?

The event will be hosted in this thread here, on the regional message board and on this discord server. You can participate in all three mediums if you wish to do so.

Where can I submit questions?

If you'd like to submit questions for the National Leaders Debate please post them in this thread. Not all questions will necessarily be posed to the leaders but we will endeavour to get through as many as possible. Please keep the questions in-character and try to keep them relevant.


There are many nations which are at or have passed the breaking point of disaster, what can/will yours do to support these countries and handle variables such as refugees?