Guslantis Flag Convention

Discussion in 'Role Play' started by bootsie, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    So, the earliest flag I used for Guslantis is this beauty right here:


    That was used from 2010-2015, before being redesigned to this:


    Now I’m feeling it’s time for another change.

    Guslantis has risen from its ashes and is restored, and a new flag would be a perfect way to represent that.

    So I’m hosting a convention for those who think they can redo the flag and earn themselves the award for designing Bootsie’s flag. It, of course, will be displayed on the site as my nation’s flag for years to come, until I decide to change it again.

    I kinda like the floral designs of Hong Kong and Macau, but it may look weird trying to copy-not-copy them.

    I also would like to keep at least the blue and yellow, but I’m not too attached.

    And with those super vague requests, let the flag designing begin!
  2. Lennart

    Lennart TNPer Citizen

    Hi, Bootsie.

    I'm going to start with two quick designs I just came up with, I might do some more later.


    Let me know if there's any changes or ideas you'd like to see.
  3. Syrixia

    Syrixia The one, the true, the great. Supporter Citizen

    I love the one on the bottom, Lenny! :D
  4. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    I rarely agree with Syr, but I do like the stripes being separate from the floral star thing. Just to get some variety, can you do one where it’s that floral star thing in the middle with just a white background?
  5. Andrenne

    Andrenne Glorious Soldier of DPRS Citizen

    Now, I don't know if my flag is as good as Lenny's (and thanks to Pry for the anti-aliasing), but I might as well submit it :D

  6. Goyanes

    Goyanes TNPer Supporter Attorney General NPA Citizen

    I like variation 1. Has a cool look to it. But after all, it is bootsie's decision, not mine.
  7. Felis

    Felis TNPer


    I made an attempt.
  8. Lennart

    Lennart TNPer Citizen

    A few good designs ITT, I like Andrennes first design but Felis' flower better.

    As for my designs:

    1st, a simple white flag with emblem.

    2nd, white bigger emblem:

    3rd, Inverted colours:

    4th, added two blue bars.

    5th, some yellow into the mix.

    I want to keep them simple so the emblem stands out.

    Hope you like them, I'll be back here soon, keep the ideas coming!
  9. bootsie

    bootsie TNPer Supporter Security Council Roleplay Moderator Citizen

    I really like number three.

    Do you think you could try a few where you keep the simplicity of the emblem but try with combinations of the current flag colors? A mix of old and new, if you will.

    EDIT: Or if you wanted to even echo the color/design of my first flag, that’d be something cool too. Keep up the good work!