The Force Flyer - Issue XVII



Finally, peace with SCUT...or at least temporarily

On the 1st of May, Force and the SCUT opened a secret communications line between each other in the midst of war. Talks began slow and there was a great deal of arguing between Renegalle and Morriband. This continued for the next two days in which little to no actual negotiation happened. Then on the 3rd day of this drawn out argument; Libertatis Regalis (Prime Minister of Force), New Legland (CDF Commander of the SCUT), and KYSsers (Foreign Minister of the SCUT) began negotiating in a separate chat behind the scenes. Since the majority of the arguing was going on between Renegalle and Morriband, there was no longer any as they weren't in the chat. Within about 20 minutes, both sides had agreed to temporarily cease all hostilities through the signing of an armistice. Renegalle passed along a draft of this armistice to Libertatis Regalis who in turn presented it to the representative of the SCUT. Both sides agreed to the armistice and it was legally passed without the involvement of the SCUT's Leader (they did show their approval for it the following day). The armistice was in place for 2 weeks after its signing and has been renewed for a further 2 weeks. It is the hope of both sides that a permanent solution to this conflict can be made in the near future.

Treaty Signed with AIR

From the 11th to the 12th of May, Force and AIR negotiated a treaty with each other. In this treaty the two parties recognized each other's government as legitimate, agreed to improve each other's militaries through joint training operations, agreed not to provoke or attack one another and provide assistance in case of a threat, and to further expand the scope of the treaty in the future to bring the parties closer together. AIR is a massive interregional alliance with its collective nations totalling 1,672 spanning over 8 different regions. As Force expands in size and influence, it is vital that we forge strong relationships to help ensure our survival.

Libertatis Regalis Elected Prime Minister

These Prime Minister elections featured three candidates; all of whom ran in previous elections. All of them had prior experience in Force Government. The candidates were Libertatis Regalis, Harkhirchluvo, and Seoul-Pyongyang; they had been in the region for 11 months, 3 months, and 5 months respectively. Debates went well and were surprisingly very diplomatic unlike debates in the past. On April 22 when voting concluded, Libertatis Regalis was elected. Libertatis Regalis received 16 votes, Harkhirchulvo and Seoul-Pyongyang received no votes, and 1 person abstained from voting. Libertatis Regalis had served previously as Minister of Internal Affairs for about 11 months, has been WA Delegate for 7 months, and was Prosecutor for nearly 3 months. They also received the highest honor in Force; Dot Citizenship.


Total Population: 276
Force Population: 173
The New Kingdom Population: 61
Heart Population: 42

Total WA Members: 49
Force WA Members: 34
The New Kingdom WA Members: 8
Heart WA Members: 7

Current Government:

Position [c] Nation [c] Term Began [c]Founder[c]Renegalle[c]February 4, 2017 (founding)
[c]Prime Minister[c]Libertatis Regalis[c]April 22, 2018 (elected)
[c]Prosecutor[c]Western Chosetus[c]December 27, 2017 (elected)
[c]Minister of Internal Affairs[c]Seoul-Pyongyang[c]April 23, 2018 (appointed)
[c]Minister of Foreign Affairs[c]Waltonburg-Vallonheim[c]April 22, 2018 (appointed)
[c]Minister of the Military[c]Ingloniania[c]December 1, 2017 (re-elected)
[c]Minister of Roleplay[c]Sword BJ[c]April 22, 2018 (appointed)
[c]Minister of Culture[c]Mokkland[c]April 23, 2018 (appointed)
[c]Minister of Judicial Affairs[c]Impits Menouss[c]February 13, 2018 (elected)

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