Hello and Greetings!

Discussion in 'The Docks' started by Vivanco, May 16, 2018.

  1. Vivanco

    Vivanco LBer

    Good morning, afternoon, evening and night, TNP!
    Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ra, leader of the nation of Vivanco (In this case, the Constitutional Monarchy of.)
    I hope this region is as fun as it has been for now, and I can use some of my legislative knowdlege for good!
  2. Vivanco

    Vivanco LBer

    Nickname(s)?: Ra
    Main Nation?: Vivanco
    RL Country?: Spain
    Favourite Colour(s)?: Purple!
    Do you use Discord?: Yea! Heck yea!
    Political Ideology? Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, do you care?: Left wing, for sure. Maybe commie. I'm a tad red.
    Do you enjoy Roleplay or forum games?: BOTH!
  3. JakeSan

    JakeSan LBer

    Have a fun time!
  4. artiza

    artiza LBer

    Welcome ! :Hello:
  5. Nessuno

    Nessuno LBer

    Hi Vivanco and :welcome: here!
  6. Siwale

    Siwale Delegate Delegate Citizen NPA

    Welcome to TNP!
  7. Midnightio

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  8. Isimud

    Isimud LBer

    I'm kind of late to the show here, but greetings!

    I'm your forum mentor, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    Nice to see that you intend to use your powers for good.
  9. YeahJust

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