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    After nearly two years since our last puzzle, we are back with yet another! Good luck, and have fun!​
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    Hello everyone!

    Now that a month and a half has passed since we've posted this puzzle, I'd like to revisit it. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has managed to fully solve the puzzle, and few have reached the final steps. As such, I'll present a partial solution for the parts that seem to have left people stumped, while leaving it up to you guys to solve the rest.

    As many people quickly realized, the initial image was written in Aurebesh, the fictional script of the Star Wars universe. It reads, in Spanish, "Vaya a nuestra Discord y reaccione," which translates to "Go to our Discord and react."

    Of course, this was not merely a plug for our Discord. Quite a few people showed up on our Discord server, trying to find the next step. Many of them attempted to trigger the bots, such as our custom-written Zaphyr, to respond with something. However, the solution lay elsewhere.

    Discord has reactions, in the form of emojis. Servers can add custom emojis, which is what we did. I made this 32x32 image to fit within the Discord emoji constraints, handwriting the letters in a small pixel-based font of my own design. As far as I am aware, The Peninsular#7987 is the only person to have found this emoji as the solution, and they have my congratulations.

    Looking at the contents of the emoji (which can be downloaded and zoomed-into through various ways), the letters themselves are text encoded in MIME base64. Decoded, we get this URL:


    Which leads us to a game of 2048!

    But the tiles look rather odd...

    The last step of the puzzle is left as an exercise to the reader.

    It was also fun seeing people send us various responses and counter-puzzles! For instance, we received this message from Baikerbanur/athdot of New Hyperion, which was rather fun to work through:
    / t s r i f / o i . b u h t i g . t o d h t a / / : s p t t h

    Best of luck in cracking the final segment! I'll be back with the full solution and another puzzle soon.

    —taulover, Thane of Embassy Dispatches
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    Oh, lord I'm bad at these. :P
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    I completed stage one! five!
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    I love the idea!
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    These are harder than the crosswords in "The Chap."