BBC World Service (March 2018)

United Kingdom:
BBC World Service (March 2018)
[table=3,]Monarch: HM King James IV & IX
Princess of Wales: HRH Princess Victoria

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Samuel Kohnaarik

Crown Court Judges:
Sir Akillian Talleyrand
Sir George Wessex[c]
Prime Minister: Lucas Wessex
Deputy Prime Minister: Henry Windsor
Home Secretary: Jay Dee Bonaparte
Foreign Secretary: Sir George Wessex
Defence Secretary: Henry Windsor
Culture Secretary: Mike D. Pearson
Attorney General: William Kudrow​
House of Commons:
Sir Akillian Talleyrand of Linlithgow (PA)
Lucas Wessex of Brent (LP)
Mike D. Pearson of Anglesey (PA)*
Longdendale of Berwick Upon Tweed (PA)
Jay Dee Bonaparte of Blackburn (PA)

House of Lords:
Georgiana, Duchess of Cambridge*
Victoria Stewart, Countess of Oxford
Andrew Fraser, Marquess Hastings​
Welcome from the Foreign Secretary
Hello and welcome to our second major update! Over this term, we've been trying hard to re-brand our communications with you all our friends abroad. We've introduced the 'mini-updates' and 'major updates'; which we hope you have you been enjoying. As we continue to strive for perfection in our marketing formulae, if you have suggestions please do feel free to pass them onto your Ambassador!
We know that are large proportion of our community and friends abroad come a varied backgrounds and countries; and so wherever you are in the world, we hope that you are safe, happy and content.
HM Government Opens Talks with the Kingdom of Great Britain
In our last major update, we announced that we had opened discussions with the Kingdom of Great Britain (KoGB). We just wanted to thank the delegation from KoGB for the honest talks that we hosted and the resulting outcome, which shall be announced by both Prime Ministers over the course of the next week in a joint release - we are however, proud of the steps we have taken to continue building our friendship.[hr]
St. Patrick's Day
We hope you all enjoyed St Patrick's Day; we know that we certainly did! You might remember us mentioning that we were going to host a forum wide festival in celebration of St. Patrick - well, we did just that! Over the course of the last week, we've hosted 12 different events across our forum in order to celebrate St. Paddy! Some of these events included participation in our usual cultural activities, such as Constituency Battles, Avatar Contests and Word Association. We saw the introduction some new SPAM games; Famous Irish People, First to Last: Beers Edition, and Irish Provinces Spam Points! In addition, the Prime Minister and Sir George Wessex hosted an event at their Estate, Ashbourne.[hr]
General Election Called!
On Wednesday 21st March 2018, His Majesty King James, on the advice of Prime Minister Wessex, issued a Writ of Election for both Parliament, the Office of Prime Minister and the Office of the Mayor of London. As of 25th March 2018, the current candidates are:

Prime Minister: Lucas Wessex and Andrew B. Fraser
Member of Parliament: Andrew B. Fraser, Lucas Wessex, James D Hamilton, Michael Pearson, Chris Mikaelson, Longdendale, Akillian Talleyrand, Jay Dee Bonaparte
Mayor of London: No registered candidates.

Our next update will feature the result of the General Election and the heated debates that are all know will ensue!
Battle to be the top Constituency Continues!
The results for the sixth week of the Constituency Battle are in! These results took into account all activity from 00:00 GMT on March 10 to 00:00 GMT March 17, with the exception of activity that took place in a Governmental, Parliamentary, or Administrative capacity, etc.


This week was pretty slow in posting, especially spam posting. Perhaps it's the continued effects of the spam cap, or maybe it's because some were occupied over Spring Break, but this week, nobody hit the spam cap. In fact, if you added together every spam post we all made this week, you'd still be just short of the cap. As a result, non-spam posts were once again the deciding factor, in which case the Most Posts bonus went to Lucas of Team Wales. The top five in general post count were as follows: Lucas (50), Long and Mike tied (35), Akillian (30), and Andrew (22).

In the weekly bonuses, Wales (as usual) took home the bonuses for Highest Quiz Average (thanks to Mike and Lucas) and Most Used Business (for Everyday Productions), but it at long last, Akillian finally secured the Most Business Posts bonus for Team Scotland, by a margin of one post! (He'd actually have increased that margin to about six posts, but the cutoff occurred in the middle of the Know Your Opponents round, so those will count for next week.) In addition, Akillian was awarded the Most Topics bonus, with six topics started this past week.

Thank you for reading!

His Majesty's Foreign Office is proud to provide this edition of our monthly major update. Keep an eye out for our weekly mini-updates as well!​