Mini Update #3

United Kingdom:
Weekly Mini-Update
Visit from The Land of Kings and Emperors
This week, a delegation from one of United Kingdom's oldest friends arrived for an official state visit that will take them to Chequers Court for government talks, Westminster Palace for a joint address to Parliament, and even Buckingham Palace for an audience with HM The King. The delegation touched down at Heathrow Airport, and the Prime Ministers of both regions gave a short address before moving on to a small reception and then right into talks, in what appears to be a good start to a productive week.[hr]
St. Patrick's Day Festival Coming Soon!
HM Government has begun planning for a St. Patrick's Day festival to occur next week. In addition to typical festival events like spam games, trivia, etc., HM Government is experimenting with a new idea that would see UK citizens get involved themselves by hosting a festival event of their own creation at their residence. The Prime Minister has extended an invitation to LKE to join us in United Kingdom for this festival, but truly anyone is welcome![hr]
New Culture Secretary
Last week, Culture Secretary Louis Mountbatten tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister after himself taking office as Prime Minister of KGB. A short while later, the 10 Downing Street released a statement thanking Mr. Mountbatten for his service, and announcing that Mike D. Pearson would be occupying the role. Said the Prime Minister in his statement: "Mike is an active individual dedicated to the success of United Kingdom... As a result, I am confident that Mr. Pearson will be an excellent fit for the job, and I look forward to working alongside him to continue the work that we've started."


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