The Imperial Scroll: Edition I, The Birth of A New Era


St. Kaschivus of the Fifth Circle

Edition I, The Birth of A New Era

The Present Government

[c]Imperial Prime Minister[c]Kaschivus[c]Kasch
[c]Deputy Prime Minister[c]~[c]~
[c]Minister of Foreign Affairs[c]Kaschivus[c]Kasch
[c]Minister of Internal Affairs[c]~[c]~
[c]Minister of Culture[c]Communist Quinntopia[c]Matthew Vinage[/table]

"What's Changed?" by Imperial Prime Minister Kaschivus

I have vast respect for the efforts of those who both precede me and have given life the Empire. We have stumbled and regained our composure time after time but we have finally planted our feet and established ourselves. We can now begin to walk, you will find.

To begin, the government has been formalized.

Foreign Affairs now has an Ambassadorial Corps to facilitate foreign relations and is more capable of broadening the diplomatic prospects of the Empire. The ministry has widened our diplomatic outreach through forum embassy requests, distribution of notices and newspaper articles, and dialogue with foreign communities.

Internal Affairs has ushered in the next generation of Angirisians and continues to do so going forward. Our recruitment program has shown great success and now uses much better methods of recruitment, which leaves improved retention as the primary focus, as it is paramount to retain the nations that decide to join the region.

Culture is the life of the Empire, the ministry that aims to bring out the best in all Angirisians. The main goal of Culture has been ensuring that the Imperial New Year Festival runs smoothly and planning game/film nights for all to enjoy to create a closer community and a better overall sense of unity.

Our roleplay subculture now has its own dedicated forum space to create, plan, write, and build worlds of all stories and lores.

A constitution is in the works.

Yes, a proper constitution. This has been the main focus for many of us since the arrival of this new, exciting age of growth and development. I am extremely happy with the progress we have been making and I personally hope we can get the constitution ratified and formalized over the next month or so.

But, in bigger (and more relevant) news... the Imperial New Year Festival is just under a month away!

Annually, the Imperial New Year Festival will run for one week to celebrate everything that has happened to the region within that year. The article below focuses more on the Imperial New Year Festival, so if you're interested, go and read that!

"The Imperial New Year Festival 2018" by the Ministry of Culture

For an upcoming region in NationStates, we think the first year is crucial. You either survive or fail. For the communities that fail, there isn't much to celebrate, but for those that survive their first year, we believe a celebration is due. The acknowledgement of our shortcomings and achievements will help bring us all together.

That is why, from the 19th - 26th of March, we're starting an annual tradition for the Empire - the Imperial New Year Festival.

We don't just want fellow Angirisians showing up. We want foreign ambassadors, interested visitors, and curious travellers to join us! We hope to spam a hell of a lot, talk about the last year for the Empire, and conduct lectures, Q&As, and polls!

I know it may seem like quite some time from now, but time flies, so over the next few weeks, we'll be getting the word out, posting updates and information, and making sure you know everything you need to about the upcoming celebrations.

If you have any questions, direct them at me (Kaschivus), or Communist Quinntopia and we will get back to you as soon as possible.