The Force Flyer - Issue XV



A Case of Resignation

Elections. For the Minister of Foreign Affairs there was only one candidate, Bennisia. After candidacy announcements were over, being the only candidate, they won. They started out the term very enthusiastically, but after 3 days they unexpectedly resigned. Prime Minister Dunkar immediately took action and appointed the previous Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mokkland, back to the position. We believed that was the last we'd see of them. Then the next day they unexpectedly came back and announced that they would like to 'unresign'. The Prime Minister, thinking it would be unfair to reappoint them after they had resigned, decided to keep Mokkland as the Minister. Shortly after, Bennisia filed a Court Case against Dunkar for inactivity. The case lasted briefly, but in the end the Prosecutor determined that Dunkar hadn't committed any crime. 3 days later, Prime Minister Dunkar filed a case against Bennissia for attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the government. This case is currently being heard and a verdict has not yet been reached.

Elections: Candidates, New and Old

Besides the whole episode with Bennisia; elections featured new members running for positions as well as old ones being re-elected. Libertatis Regalis, the longest serving Minister ever, was re-elected Minister of Internal Affairs; Bennisia was elected Minister of Foreign Affairs; Concleror was elected Minister of Roleplay; and Impits Menouss was elected Minister of Judicial Affairs. These were the Ministers elected without a vote as they were the only candidates for their respective positions. Then a new member, Seoul-Pyongyang, was elected Minister of Culture with 7 votes for them, 4 votes for Katamoko, 1 voter Abstaining, and 1 Invalid Vote. The incumbent, Ingloniania, was re-elected Minister of the Military with 12 votes for them and 1 Invalid Vote.

Talking Fexit with Morriband

What is your stance on Force leaving SCUT?

Well, SCUT has always had the policy of allowing for peaceful exits. Other than Force, only one other region has done this though. The others to do this have all done so on a basis of hostility. cough Sovietzkia cough

Why do you think Force left SCUT?

From my understanding, Force left due to their unwillingness to be a part of a federal system that had a government beyond that of their region. Which, is a viewpoint I understand - being in a federal system isn't for everyone.

Has Force's exit affected SCUT in any major ways?

Honestly, no. There are people who are either worrying too much or trying to overplay it, but we've had a bigger region leave when we were far smaller, so Force leaving hasn't done anything significant. The only thing that's had to change were some people occupying certain offices.

What do you think of the new organization, PAR?

I think PAR is an interesting thing. It's obviously meant to be a version of SCUT that "corrects" the grievances of some people in Force. Because of that, it's less like the US, and more like NATO. As of right now it only has two members, so we'll see how it all goes. It seems to me to be attempting to recreate SCUT, but without a federal system in place, I have my doubts about its long-term success. As far as foreign relations go, the actions of PAR will determine our response. As long as we have no reason for hostilities, there will not be any. We won't initiate a conflict.

Would you support a bilateral treaty between Force and SCUT?

This somewhat ties into my last response. We'd have to see how things are going with PAR and Force first, to understand the nature of the relationship there. We'd also have to know what provisions would be in this treaty. I will say this, though: I'm in favor of peace instead of war.

What do you think could be improved in Force?

From what I've seen going on in Force, I think you could improve your internal stability. You seem to have agitators (for lack of a better word) on multiple sides who are causing some internal conflicts. Also, I would suggest that you work (with me, other SCUT officers, and/or your own cabinet) to improve the public opinion of SCUT so that we can actually pursue an agreement of any kind. As of right now, I don't think many people like us there.

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