BBC World News (Major Update)

United Kingdom:
BBC World Service (February 2018)
[table=3,]Monarch: HM King James IV & IX
Princess of Wales: HRH Princess Victoria

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Samuel Kohnaarik

Crown Court Judges:
Sir Akillian Talleyrand
Sir George Wessex[c]
Prime Minister: Lucas Wessex
Deputy Prime Minister: Henry Windsor
Home Secretary: Jay Dee Bonaparte
Foreign Secretary: Sir George Wessex
Defence Secretary: Henry Windsor
Culture Secretary: Louis Mountbatten
Attorney General: William Kudrow​
House of Commons:
Sir Akillian Talleyrand of Linlithgow (PA)
Lucas Wessex of Brent (LP)
Mike D. Pearson of Anglesey (PA)*
Longdendale of Berwick Upon Tweed (PA)
Jay Dee Bonaparte of Blackburn (PA)

House of Lords:
Georgiana, Duchess of Cambridge*
Victoria Stewart, Countess of Oxford
Andrew Fraser, Marquess Hastings​
Welcome from the Prime Minister
Hello, NationStates! I'm Lucas Wessex, Prime Minister of United Kingdom, and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this latest production of the BBC World Service. We value all of the inter-regional friendships that United Kingdom is so lucky to be a part of, and so we'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with a thorough update of what's been going on in our region recently. From the political to the cultural, from Royal news to changes in the Admin team, it is our hope that this production will help you to feel a bit more connected to the people of United Kingdom as the world of NationStates chugs along. Once again, I thank you for reading, and on behalf of the British people, I wish you all the best![hr]
HM Government Opens Talks with the Kingdom of Great Britain
His Majesty's Government has begun talks with the Kingdom of Great Britain, in order to further develop our working partnership beyond even our current ties through the League of Regions. In light of the recent political events in KGB, it is expected that the Prime Minister will welcome his new counterpart and continue talks at 10 Downing Street over the next week or so, where talks are widely expected to focus on the potential for military cooperation, mutual defence, intelligence sharing, and things of that nature. When asked for comment, the Foreign Secretary said "We are committed to working with all inter-regional partners in order to further develop relationships and close friendships. It has been no secret that our relationship with the Kingdom of Great Britain has been rocky in the past. However, as both of our regions move forward, we welcome talks on creating a stable and long-lasting friendship.". If all goes well, a potential treaty will likely be introduced to Parliament within a couple of weeks, at most.[hr]
Valentine's Day
We hope you all enjoyed Valentine's Day. Here in United Kingdom, HM Government organized the "I < 3 UK" festival to celebrate the holiday. Citizens were able to compete in a Valentine's avatar contest, track down small hearts hidden in threads across the forum, and share their very own love poems! Notably, a rendition of the Newlywed Game was organized, seeing the young power couple Lucas & George Wessex face off against famous frenemies Sacul Astoria and Akillian Talleyrand. And get this- the latter pairing actually won! And of course, no festival would be complete without some spam games, and so threads of love songs, Valentine's memes, and more all saw a good turnout in activity. At present, the next regional festival to be held will likely be in observation of St. Patrick's Day, in mid-March, or potentially an Easter celebration later that month in the lead-up to April 1.[hr]
Be The Best!
Much discussion has been had recently regarding the activities of the UK Armed Forces and the military policy of HM Government. Recently, the Prime Minister introduced a resolution to the Council of the League of Regions seeking to organize a monthly cooperative training event between the League's member regions, with some supporting the idea, and others suggesting alternatives entirely. As this went on, the UKAF's Operation Yorkshire was carried out, with Defence Secretary Henry Windsor releasing the following press release:

"For the past 3 days, the United Kingdom Armed Forces joined soldiers from Europeia, The Land of Kings and Emperors, The North Pacific, Balder, and The West Pacific to participate in a hold operation in the region of Yorkshire. The operation saw the point nation control the target region for over 4 days. The United Kingdom Armed Forces were happy to assist in the operation and look forward to taking part in more operations in the coming weeks. As of right now, Operation Yorkshire has concluded and our troops have returned to United Kingdom. No natives were harmed, in fact, the native delegate praised the operation saying: “I really like polite invaders, makes such a refreshing change.”

In addition, no embassies were closed and the original WFE and flag of the region have been restored.
Administrator Resignation!
On 24th February, La La Land (otherwise known as Elena or Princess Charlotte), announced that she is resigning as an Administrator, with her simple and straightforward statement: "It's been all grand and great but I've decided to resign as an administrator. I haven't really done anything for a while now anyway." La La Land has been a member of our community for a number of years, serving in many capacities, and many have flooded her resignation topic with their thanks. Discussions on a replacement to fill her place on the admin team started shortly thereafter, with the likes of Defence Secretary Henry Windsor, former Prime Minister Andrew Fraser, or even veteran citizen Nigel Farage stepping in. But in the end, it was HRH Princess Victoria of Wales (who was announced on February 6th as Heir Apparent to HM King James IV & IX) who enjoyed universal support and was therefore chosen as United Kingdom's newest administrator.[hr]
Constituency Battle Heats Up!
This term started of the Government-run Constituency Battle activity contest began with two previous underdogs, Wales and Northern Ireland, dominating the competition as England and Scotland fell behind. As the term has progressed though, Wales has fallen from first down to last place, while Scotland has recently jumped up from the bottom of the table to sit at second. England, for its part, has rocketed to the top and beyond thanks to a tremendous post count from Longdendale, while Northern Ireland has seen its strongest showing in a long time with consistent contributions across the board, keeping it somewhere in the middle at all times. That said, the Constituency Battle has just implemented some new rules to limit the influence of SPAM activity, and so it remains to be seen if anyone is able to come back and surpass the English on their quest to victory.

Thank you for reading!

His Majesty's Foreign Office is proud to provide this edition of our monthly major update. Keep an eye out for our weekly mini-updates as well!​


Thank you for the update, It's always a pleasure to work alongside The UK Armed Forces and we're very thankful for the support In the Yorkshire operation :)