Official Permanent Banishment of Howard.

After a rather eventful week, The Galactic Order has officially banned a member of her community.

Howard, formerly known as Howard Arche-VerinHall, was officially banned from The Galactic Order and all her colonies on the morning of February 25, 2018.
This ban followed many other bans from both the family of Arche and the family of VerinGuard.
Howard was accused of proxy and fraud. Fraud being the intentional deception of a resident or citizen either by lying or lying by omission made for personal benefit or slander. Proxy being using a proxy server to allow a member multiple accounts or for any other malicious gain.
Both of these accounts were supported by screenshots gathered from a discord server known as “The Galactic Faggots” from a channel known as “TGO-intel” where individuals would allegedly talk about things which happen in TGO, which is a direct violation of our criminal code which protects the business of the region from being discussed without explicit permission from the authors of said information.

Before the ending of the opening statements, the Administrative Council was informed that Howard had directed transphobic rhetoric at a member of our community in direct messages, using the citizen’s birth name which Howard had complete knowledge that the citizen had great detest for this name. In response, the Administrative Council issued a banishment which entailed banning from any and all regional and TGO affiliated discord servers.
Following his banishment, Howard rescinded his citizenship and proceeded to plead guilty to the charges.
Supreme Justice Zaph, who resided over the case, issued the court’s deliberation earlier this morning.
The ruling is as follows:

“Today, we will judge the actions of the Defendant, Howard.

Reasoning of the Court

The evidence shows that the Defendant himself claimed to have multiple accounts within TGO at the same time, in specific one that was administratively banned for spamming, breach of peace and breach of Discord ToS. The evidence also provides proof that the Defendant falsified quotes of certain citizens, making it seem as if they had said things they never said. The Defendant has admitted to these crimes by pleading guilty.


After consulting with my colleagues on the court in accordance with the Court Procedures, I hereby declare the Defendant guilty of Proxying and Fraud.


The Defendant is hereby sentenced to serve a permanent ban from the region, as well as all its affiliated forums and Discord servers.

It is so ordered.”

Administrative Banishment of Howard Arche-VerinHall

“On February 22, 2018, at 5:30pm EST, the Admin Council received images from Supreme Chancellor Rikki Arche. In these images Mr. VerinHall was harassing Rikki.

It first started with Howard attacking Rikki out of the blue, though by the end of the conversation Howard was spamming Rikki with her IRL birth name, Todd. Rikki Arche is a member of the LGBT+, being transgender. Howard knows this, and decided to use this to his advantage to upset and belittle Rikki.

With four Ayes from the Admin Council, two members not online to vote, the Admin Council hereby bans Howard from communications of the The Galactic Order and her colonies. This banishment is permanent.”

Evidence here.

Thus Howard was banned permanently from The Galactic Order and all her colonies including the forum and subsequent discord servers. Thus it has been ordered. If Howard resides in any of your regions and/or Discord servers, The Galactic Order strongly suggests to either proceed with extreme caution, or to take immediate action and remove him.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to inquire within our regional discord here: