Mini Update #2

United Kingdom:
Weekly Mini-Update
Constituency Battle!
United Kingdom has seen the return of the much loved Constituency Battles! This is where the four nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) battle it out to receive the most points. Points are awards for starting and replying to topics, manually recruiting - with varying actions holding varying amounts of points. The first round of scores were released on 11 February.

Wales = 332
Northern Ireland = 215
England = 98
Scotland = 66[hr]
King James Announces Heir Apparent
On 6th February, His Majesty King James announced that Victoria Stewart was being appointed as his heir apparent and Princess of Wales. King James expressed his thanks to Princess Charlotte, who until the appointment of Princess Victoria was the placeholder. King James, on announcing the appointment said: "Princess Victoria has been a loyal servant of the Crown for many years. My father and I have seen her leadership qualities up close and believe she will be very well suited to one day become sovereign of our United Kingdom. I look forward to seeing her mature in the role as heir."[hr]
Important Information from the Foreign Office
The Foreign Secretary is currently conducting a review of active forum embassies and Ambassadors. This week, we were sad to see the closure if the Albion Embassy due to inactivity. Please see to see if your embassy and Ambassador are at risk of being closed and unmasked. Any Closure Notice will also be posted in United Kingdom's embassy within your respective forum, for your reference.


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His Majesty's Foreign Office will be releasing these mini-updates every week, in addition to our monthly updates.​