The Force Flyer Special Edition - Issue II




Today at 12 AM EST, voting to leave the Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories (SCUT) ended. With 13 votes for leaving and 1 abstaining from voting, Force has left SCUT. What prompted all this, you may ask. It was 1 month and 5 days ago that we became serious about leaving SCUT. This was prompted by a key moment that happened when Morriband, Emperor of SCUT, ordered the Force Military to cease and desist and operate as a part of the SCUT Armed Forces, the CDF. This is exactly what they said: "As of 2018, the Force military will operate primarily as a part of the CDF. All operations will be conducted through the SCUT chain of command, with @Ingloniania [TNK] being the current CDF Commander." This prompted anger throughout the region. Mainly though, this anger happened within the Cabinet who seeing our independent military being commanded by an external figure had reason to be annoyed. It must be recognized that Force had two separate military groups, The Force (our armed forces) and the CDF Portion who served SCUT. That same day, the Cabinet held a vote on whether to hold a referendum to leave SCUT or not. That vote resulted in 6 votes for holding a referendum. That vote happened to occur the day prior to Prime Minister elections, so the referendum was delayed from starting until the elections finished. To ensure that all members of Force were informed about SCUT the referendum consisted of 3 stages. First there was the debate session where citizens had the chance to voice the things they believed were good about SCUT and the things they found unsatisfactory about SCUT. Then a planning session was held to plan out exactly what must happen for us to leave SCUT and finally the voting session was held. The main objections to staying in SCUT were that it was falsely portrayed as a democracy when it actually functioned much like a dictatorship, the organization had switched from being a defender to basically being a raider as it started taking advantage of regions with an executive World Assembly Delegate and raiding them, and that constant interference in our own regional affairs was unacceptable. The one point brought up for staying in SCUT was that simply abandoning it would be irresponsible and potentially reckless. Regardless, the referendum resulted in an almost unanimous vote to leave SCUT. The question that has been raised now is, what's next? Many had previously suggested creating an alternative to SCUT that would be democratic, respect the sovereignty of the regions within it, and be a defender organization dedicated to keeping small regions safe from raiders. As it happens, such an alternative had already been created a few months prior. This alternative is called the PAR (Pact for Aligned Regions) and currently has two members including Force and a smaller region, the Marist Federated States. Unlike SCUT, this alternative would allow amendments to its constitution, allow elections for its leader, and not interfere with the signatories' sovereignty. Though this alternative exists, it is still very inactive and it is uncertain whether it will actually work. What we have found though is that Force as a region is strong and has no need to be part of an alliance organization. However, what Force has to give to other regions is much greater and is why we continue to pursue such treaties.

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