The Royal Messenger Volume 20

January 2018 Update

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Regional Government

[table=2,]Monarch: HM King James IV & IX
Princess of Wales: HRH Princess Charlotte

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Albert Phillips

Crown Court Judges:
Sir Akillian Talleyrand[c]

Prime Minister: Mike D. Pearson​
Deputy Prime Minister: Francis A. Thomas​
Home Secretary: Jay Dee Bonaparte​
Foreign Secretary: Longdendale​
Defence Secretary: Sir Akillian Talleyrand​
Culture Secretary: Samuel Kohnaarik​
Attorney General: William Kudrow​

King James IV Ascends To The Throne

On December 1st King Charles III made an announcement to his subjects stating his intention to abdicate the throne of the United Kingdom in favour of his son James, the Prince of Wales. On December 10th a smooth transition of power took place and Prince James became King James IV of the United Kingdom. On the day King James gave an accession address thanking King Charles III for his hard work in the region both as monarch and also in his previous roles in parliament. He also noted his mixed emotions on becoming monarch saying:

“I come to the throne amongst a juxtaposition of emotion. One of joyous pride contrasted with a feeling of profound sadness. “

King Charles III spent his 436th and final day as monarch having breakfast with Queen Georgiana before discussing matters of state and the transition of power with Prime Minister Mike D. Pearson. In the afternoon the King and Queen held an intimate reception for family and friends, afterwards, the King and Queen made a final public appearance on the balcony.

The coronation of King James IV is to be held in January at Westminster Abbey and festivities will be held throughout the United Kingdom.

Constance St. James Retires


One of the United Kingdom’s longest-serving and most loved citizens Constance St. James has decided to retire after 8 years serving the region and shaping its laws and constitution. Constance St. James also served as the regions Monarch Queen Constance I from 3rd August 2015 - 30 September 2016 an astounding 425 days making her the regions second longest serving Monarch.

The region was quick to respond with its appreciation of Constance St. James work in the region with Lucas Wessex saying “I couldn't have asked for a better role model.” Akillian Talleyrand and Jan Van Dijk both thanked Constance for her service to the region and lamented on the loss of such a titan of The United Kingdom. King James IV called her “The Grandmother of the UK and a role model to us all.” The King praised Constance's work saying "Your greatest legacy is creating a legal system which is the best in Nation States and one which has stimulated exceptional legal debate."

Constituency Battle Restarts!

After the success of the constituency battle in past premierships, Prime Minister Mike D. Pearson made it a priority for his Culture Minister Samual Kohnaarik to revamp and restart the cultural activity game for this term, making it an even playing field by resetting the scores. As the battle got under way England took an early and dominant lead thanks to the spamming prowess of Longdendale with double the number of points of Wales who take second place. Scotland is in third place and Northern Ireland is bringing up the rear.

Activity soared in the battle to be the best constituency with posts topping 1700 post in a day thanks to Longdendale, Akillian and Georgiana the highest post count recorded for a single day in the United Kingdom.

Parliament hard at Work!


There has been much furore in the House of Commons this term after the controversy at the November election where the Liberal Party accused the Pragmatic Alliance of using ‘ghost voters’ to secure a victory.

Since the election, there has been a fierce debate in the House of Commons and The Strangers Gallery on the issue with both the Liberal Party and The Pragmatic Alliance introducing motions to the Commons. The Liberal party would like to see ‘voter registration’ introduced to combat ‘ghost voters’ while the Pragmatic Alliance maintains that all citizens should have the right to vote. This lead to a legal inquiry at the Crown Court chaired by a three-judge panel. The court upheld that voter registration would indeed be unconstitutional but this verdict was overturned after an appeal by Arthur Jameson led to the court reconsidering its outcome.

The Foreign Secretary has made a request that the CAIN treaty is repealed after it has become dead in the water following allegations made about its leader Brunhilde. Following a short debate in the House of Commons, the MP’s voted unanimously to repeal the treaty.

The House of Commons has passed an amendment to the Defence Act, outlining the method for deciding World Assembly Resolutions, as well as a new BBC Act to create a board of directors for the news organisation.

The House of Commons has also seen debate this session on a Petition Act (2018). This bill states that “All citizens of United Kingdom shall have the right to submit a petition to any ministry/office of HM Government or chamber of Parliament requesting that action is taken in line with the content of the petition submitted.”

The debate in the House of Commons has recently begun on The Citizen Emeritus Act 2018 allowing prominent citizens of the region who announce retirement to retain their citizenship and become a ‘Citizen Emeritus’.

The United Kingdom Celebrates The New Year


As midnight approached on the 31st December 2017, citizens of the United Kingdom lined the banks of the River Thames in London to see in the new year with the annual fireworks display with the London Eye and Big Ben as its backdrop. As always London did not disappoint and put on a spectacular firework display with the theme of the 100 year anniversary of the suffragette movement and women getting the right to vote.



  • The United Kingdom achieves 1700 posts in a day!
  • Charles Fraser and wife Georgiana move from Buckingham Palace to the Crown Estate of Kensington Palace
  • Mayor of London Klaus Mikaelson impeached and replaced by his deputy Albert Phillips
  • Welcome to new and returning citizens: Nigel Farage, George de Clare, Liam Morton, Jacob Rees-Mogg, James D Hamilton, Victoria Somerset, Tiberius Cecil, Raptoria, Nicholas Whitfield and Cameron M!

Thank you for reading!