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WA Delegate: Catalyse
| Culture Officer: Marilyn Manson Freaks | Foreign Affairs Officer: Frattastan |
| Media Officer: John Laurens | Outreach Officer: The Church of Satan |
Speaker of the Assembly: Kyorgia​
New Delegate Elected


The RRA parading with a portrait of a former delegate. We're not too sure of which one this is...

For The Rejected Realms, December was not only the holiday season for the celebration of Rejectmas, but it also turned out to be a far larger election period than the triannual general election for Officers. Late into November, Catalyse declared her intentions to challenge sitting Delegate, The Church of Satan, followed soon by the incumbent's declaration of intent to run in opposition, alongside Crazy Girl to again take over the mantle of the perennial candidate.

We'll skip through the boring election process, pass the political manoeuvring and ignore the vote buying by going straight to the election results! Coincidentally, this article happens to be written by election's winner, but that there is just a mere coincidence.

Truthfully the campaign was much less interesting, and much less stressing, than any allegations of wrongdoing or electoral manipulation would have made it, and instead all three Delegate candidates conducted their campaigns respectfully, with the only incident of notice having been The Grim Reaper's torturously long SWOT analysis presented to Catalyse.

The elections were closed on the 11th of December and Catalyse was declared the victor with twenty four first preference votes, while both The Church of Satan and Crazy Girl enjoyed five first preference votes each. This marked the first time in TRR's History that an incumbent Delegate that has decided to contest an election challenge lost an election.

Catalyse's inauguration took place on the 13th, and while the initial celebrations were interrupted by a group of protesters throwing tangerines at the Delegate, the RRA was quickly called into action to curb the resistance, I mean unlawful protests... and make sure democracy takes it's due course.

During her inauguration speech, Catalyse delineated her mandate of which she hopes to accomplish during her term, including her short and long term plans, from reviewing and revitalising TRR's Foreign policies to exploring and developing new cultural activities.
Written by Catalyse​
Hall of Fame given a Rejectmas Present

The Hall of Fame, instituted in late November by the Assembly of The Rejected Realms to honour past members of the region and their contributions not only to its community but to NationStates as a whole, was graced with a most joyous and happy Christmas morning when a gift was found inside the office of the Hall of Fame's Director, right next to the fireplace. A Rejectmas miracle, as some have called it.

The present's wrapping, decorated with drawings of tangerines allusive to Rejectmas, was quickly torn into shreds by the Hall of Fame's Director, after a vote determined they'd be the one to open the mysterious gift, while the rest of those present hid behind the Director's desk.

The present turned out to be a portrait of an angel, along with a plaque with a small biography of someone. Everyone was left befuddled as to what the gift actually was, but a well timed call from the office of the Speaker of the Assembly quickly answered any question that there might have been. Apparently the Assembly forgot to inform that Sedge was to be the first inductee to the Hall of Fame and their induction would quaintly fall on the 25th of December.

Sedge is not only a former Delegate of The Rejected Realms and prominent regional member, having stood out as an Officer and during the time following Kandarin's resignation, he was also one of the most prominent defenders and a NationStates Moderator, credited with having brought better insight and greater attention to many Gameplay-related issues. And perhaps now we add the much lesser achievement of having been the first inductee to our Hall of Fame to his accomplishments.
Written by Catalyse​
A Hairy Rejectmas Story

This year, to celebrate the Rejectmas season, the Delegate opened the hall of the Reject's Palace to everyone and invited all Rejects to participate in the festivities, the banquets and the various activities offered in the festival grounds. The festivities began on the 26th of December, the date marking the traditional start of the Rejectmas season, and will be ending upon the conclusion of its activities.

To show that we were celebrating a hairy Rejectmas, we decorated our numerous cities in black, silver and indigo. Fun fact: dramoon is also recognised by most local authorities as a Rejectmas colour but has been lost since the thirteenth century, yet, some choose to represent dramoon with the colours of either "Thistle", "Chestnut" or "Mauvelous"!

On the RMB, nations were invited to change their flag in the spirtit of Rejectmas and sing Rejectmas Carols, and then further invited to share those carols on the forums so they could be submitted in the Rejectmas Carol Contest for a chance to be dubbed "Head Rejectmas Tangerine Sprite" if their submission was voted the best, along with having their submission featured in a TRR publication!

Other activities and games included a festive purple Rejectmas Tree decoration, a Rejectmas Edition Werewolf game, a Rejectmas Chess Tournament, a Rejectmas Flag Contest, along with several quizzes and spam games.
Written by PowerPAOK​
Thank you for reading!​
“while bot Church of Satan”

Is this a typo or an inkling of the enormous secret knowledge granted to TRR delegates, detailing the clandestine projects that culminated in the creation of an artificially intelligent delegate ?