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Prosecutor Elections

After the usual 17 day election process, 3 candidates ran for election. Western Chosetus, a member from the early days of Force who had refounded and had already helped write a successful amendment, Western Koreansylvania, a new member from our Colony, TNK, who seemed to hold interest in the position, and Caidanland who had also run in the last election for Minister of Foreign Affairs unsuccessfully. About halfway into the election, Western Koreansylvania's nation ceased to exist, so the single vote for them was invalid and they lost their candidacy. Western Chosetus emerged victorious with 6 votes for them, 1 abstaining, and 0 for Caidanland.

Treaty Signed with UCR

We have recently signed a treaty with the Union of Confederate Regions. In this treaty, we have both agreed never to attack each other or our allies, share intelligence that is relevant to the other region for its protection, and have allowed WA members in both regions to participate in the RP of the other region and join the RP map. The Union of Confederate Region is a large and powerful region of 400+ nations and we have no doubt that this treaty will be beneficial to both of us.

Cobrastan Liberated

In a recent counter-invader military operation conducted by our own armed forces, The Force, we successfully took power away from the invaders and gave power back to the natives of Cobrastan. This is just the first of many defender operations which we wish to perform in order to enhance our strength as a defender and to help liberate more regions from ruthless invaders.

A Culture Minister?

A bill proposed by Renegalle was recently withdrawn from the assembly floor. In this bill, the position of Minister of Judicial Affairs was to be removed and the Minister of Culture was to become a new position. However, when voting started, many voted against it because they wished for the Judicial Affairs Minister to remain as it oversees the Prosecutor and thus is an extra thing to ensure justice is served. Seeing this, the bill was withdrawn and a new one has been submitted that keeps the Judicial Affairs Minister. The purpose of the Culture Minister would be to create events and holidays to engage the citizens of Force and give them a reason to interact with and get to know others in the region.

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