Edwerlantin's Useless Day to Day Thingy

Hello. I exist on here now. Who would guess?... I'm kind of lacking inspiration. Trying to find something to talk about....

No. Too much cliche.

No. Too complex...


Political History?
:rofl: NO.

Your Life?
Genius! I will work on that now!

Well. Let's see.. What is entertaining about my life so far? Nothing. All just boring stuff. I'll start from the beginning.

Well, I was born back in 19XX... In NYC... Had a girlfriend in 5th grade... Moved to Georgia... Got a new girlfriend... Became single again... Took honors classes... Now in high school... Thought it was going to be longer but good enough. Too tired to continue writing anyway. Writing about my life was a STUPID idea. Back to square one I guess.

What else can I write about...

The Civil War?
Nope. Didn't finish that unit yet.

The Antebellum?
Not everyone knows what the Antebellum is. Jesus. We have Non-Americans here! Show some respect!

Nope. Too...Trivia-y..

How about you go to sleep?
Good idea.