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New Ministers Elected

This term, we had a total of 5 candidates for Minister. For Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mokkland and Caidanland; both new members ran. Mokkland ended up being elected 6-3 with 1 abstaining. For Internal Affairs, the incumbent Libertatis Regalis was reelected as they were the only candidate for the position. Finally, for Minister of the Military & Roleplay; Ingloniania ran against the Empire of Achenar and won 8-1 with 1 abstaining. Ingloniania also happens to be the first citizen of a Force colony ever to be elected Minister in Force; they are a resident of The New Kingdom, currently our only colony.

Treason: An Appeal Succeeds

After being charged of election fraud back in October, another case against Liberal Evil was lodged in late November. This case claimed that Liberal Evil had committed treason for attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the government by making false claims and remarks. This case went on for a day or so until new evidence was presented by the Founder, Renegalle. The Founder presented evidence from SCUT (the Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories) appearing to show that Liberal Evil was a member of the government in The Iron Order (an enemy of Force) and therefore had committed treason. For this, they were promptly banjected from the region. The next day though, on behalf of Liberal Evil, the Founder presented the Court with new evidence that appeared to show that Liberal Evil was in fact spying on TIO and still fully supported Force. The Prosecutor reviewed this evidence and came to the conclusion that the evidence was trustworthy and that Liberal Evil's charges of treason should be dismissed. This was done and Liberal Evil regained citizenship. This case was both confusing and informative (in the Prosecutor's words) and has shown the ability of the Court to administer justice fairly.

Embassy with The North Pacific

In late November, The North Pacific accepted the region's request for a forum embassy after the previous request was rejected a few months ago. This embassy is a major diplomatic undertaking in the history of our region. It will be a lot of work to run this embassy, but it can be done and it is the hope of the region that further relations can be made in the future. The North Pacific represents democracy in its best form; the fairest region NationStates has to offer. The region has demonstrated its strong ability to both collaborate with other regions effectively to ensure the safety of regions throughout NS and its ability to function as a full-fledged democracy. It is the hope of Force that we may some day be able to operate just as efficiently and fairly as The North Pacific has. It is an honor an privilege to have the request for an embassy accepted and the region wishes to thank TNP for this opportunity.

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