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WA Delegate: The Church of Satan
| Culture Officer: Catalyse | Foreign Affairs Officer: Wabbitslayah |
| Media Officer: John Laurens | Outreach Officer: Marilyn Manson Freaks |
Speaker of the Assembly: Kyorgia

An election, and another election... and wait, is that another election?
If there's one thing we can be sure of it's that the Gods of elections are surely pleased with The Rejected Realms. Throughout the last three months several worthy candidates have lined up to be sacrifices to the Gods of elections, but only a few of them were holy enough to enter the sacred walls of Electionhalla. Even some of those that were thought to be worthy at first were rejected entry into Electionhalla, and were expelled from it, or how we call it in Electionism, they resigned.

The first of the several sacrificial rituals started in August, and several pious rejects lined up, citing the reasons of why they were worthy, and soon enough all rejects were enjoying the election rituals, casting their vote into the sacred ballot box. Flower Boy, Catalyse, Katie Rybeck and Frattastan were deemed worthy of being sacrificed this election season, but many of them were not capable of faring through the trials and tribulations the gods set before them.

By early September one of the officers had already been excommunicated, resigned, and a challenge for this newly vacated position, erupted from two worthy candidates, Marilyn Manson and John Laurens. Battling between each other with the best election weaponry they could find, in the end, after Manson had received 13 votes and Laurens had received 6, it was Marilyn Manson that was chosen to be sacrificed on the Holy Sepulchre of Outreach on the 8th of September.

Soon after another challenger appeared from the crowd. Wabbitslayah challenged Frattastan, who decided to not meet his opponent on the field and instead cower inside the walls of Electionhalla, which was not a good sign of things to come. In the end Wabbit was selected to be an officer on the 16th of September, while Frattastan was expelled from the godly realms.

But this wasn't the last we had seen of Laurens, and again on the 12th of October, after another resignation occurred, he again battled, this time with his wits as no worthy opponent had emerged from the crowd, to obtain the favour of the gods, and after four days of strenuous discussion with the gods he did.

Last but not least, undefeated and unopposed champion in the coliseum of Speaker elections, Kyorgia was again chosen as the holy champion of the Assembly, the Speaker. And now, with only a few days before the next holy festivities we await for the new candidates.

Werewolf Fever
There's a new fever passing through The Rejected Realms, and it all started on the night of the 15th of October when a hooded man was spotted poisoning the water depots. A lab analysis of the water discovered that it had been contaminated by the lycanthropy virus, but by then it was already too late to stop the virus from spreading through the water supply.

As generalized distrust between the citizens of the region and chaos ensued, the mayor of The Rejected Realms, Frattastan, was found dead in their office. Further inspection showed that not only had he been killed by a werewolf, but that he was the one who had contaminated the water supplies too, apparently as a cruel prank. The few citizens that had gathered at the town hall hurried to elect a new mayor, and as soon as they could, hurried back to their houses and hoped for the best during the night.

To everyone's horror, the new mayor that had promised to find a solution to this crisis had too perished the following night. The townspeople decided that the best course of action was to vote on who they believed was a werewolf, and then executing them. Soon after a consensus was formed as to the guilt of Escade. Escade was taken to the pyre on the town square and lighted on fire, and as she burned many could observe her werewolf fur appear under her skin.

Believing that they were finally free of the werewolf menace, the citizens went about their daily life. To their horrible surprise, they again found another body, that of resident superstar fan, Marilyn Manson, which showed all the signs of having been killed by a werewolf. Again, accusations were flung around, and as the names of Catalyse and Kyorgia were thrown around, it was finally decided that the more suspicious of the two was Kyorgia, who, after being skinned, was shown to be hiding werewolf fur under his human skin.

While The Rejected Realms seems to be safe for the moment, there are scary tales that the epidemic has reached the underground levels of the region only known as discord, where the plight of the innocent citizens continues on.

The Rejects' Brigade
The Rejected Realms Army (RRA), otherwise known as the UDL's Rejected Renegade Squadron, continues to soldier on against the raider menace, as the invaders continue to attack The Rejected Realms by sending the worst of the membership of the regions they have raided, such spammers and trolls, and I assume, some good people too.

The RRA has, in the past few months, seen an increase in members, with new recruits coming from all sorts of backgrounds to join the RRA's power couple, guy and frattastan, in the march towards the inevitable continuation of the march. People from all walks of life have flocked to join the RRA: refugees from the latest GCR civil war, recently dugged out FRA veterans, out of work defender ideologues or just your common reject, all have come together.

When lucky enough not to fall asleep during update, the RRA can show itself to be a large force, though sadly the many seniors in its ranks need to take long rests between updates, lest they end up out of commission sooner than expected. If lucky enough, or if Command is daring enough to wake her from her slumber, we can even count on Crazy Girl, who has interrupted her retirement in order to update a few times.

Beyond the usual update routine of liberations, defences and detags against more or less notorious invader groups, the RRA took part in the liberation attempts of Socialist Alliance of Eurasia, where, along with other defenders, we were left to be picked one by one by invader sharpshooters and their BC rifles.

Also noteworthy for us were the minor update of the 23rd of September, when 7 soldiers were able to wake up just in time to set our most recent record of update attendance, and the liberation of Shrektopia and the other operations on the 17th of October when, exceptionally, we outnumbered any other group in Libcord.

At this point we're confident that the only thing that can put an end to the RRA is the RRA itself, or rather, a member of the RRA. As the army's self-appointed chief ideologue, The Grim Reaper, has prophesied, if in his second coming he is not accompanied by any other member of the RRA into update then that may very well mark our end, if not all of R/D or even Nationstates. But until then, the Space Unicorn Brigade marches on.
Update written by Catalyse​