Foreign Update V

The October Foreign Update:
The October Foreign Update

The Coronation Of HIBM William V:

Following the court ruling that led to the abdication of His Former Majesty King Sebastian I, The Prince Of Wales( Prince Misael Wessex ) ascended the throne as King William V.
The coronation of King William V was conducted on Saturday The 30th September 2017 at the Westminster Abbey Church and the ceremony was officiated by the Rt.Hon. Andree Wessex. The peers present at the ceremony paid all due homage to the newly crowned king during the coronation service.
The coronation ceremony ended with the bestowing of coronation award/honor on the region's most illustrious members who have contributed immensely to the region's development and the creating of a barony for the region's prime minister. The list of those honored include:
Coronation Award list:
1. The Prime Minister Lucas Windsor Wessex Who was created The Baron Spencer Of Althrop
2. The Hon Andree Wessex Who was awarded the membership to the Royal Victorian Order

The October General Election:

The Britannian Kingdom held another general election on the 9th October 2017 . At the beginning of the campaign session, The incumbent prime minister Lucas Wessex Windsor, Former MP and culture secretary Andree Wessex and Newly accepted Citizen Alfonso Cadiz declared their candidacy and launch their campaign bid for the region's premiership race.
The general election was held as scheduled on the 9th October 2017 and all those who contested a parliamentary seat were all elected into the Britannian Kingdom's House Of Parliament and they include:
Members Of Parliament Elected:
The Hon Albert Philips MP For York
The Hon Andree Wessex MP For Lancaster
The Hon Ralph Alexander MP For Winchester
The Hon Alfonso Cadiz MP for Cornwall
The Hon Lucas Windsor Wessex MP for Northumbria

The race for the premiership became tougher with 3 candidate contesting the premiership. The result for the first round of election came and no winner was declared and none of the three candidate was able to acquire the required percentage of vote to declare a victory based on the provision of the region's electoral law. The prime minister Lucas Windsor Wessex took 2nd by acquiring 4 votes ( 28.6%) , Andree Wessex took 3rd by acquiring 3 vote ( 21.4%) and Alfonso Cadiz took 1st by acquiring 7 votes ( 50%). The Rt.Hon Andree Wessex immediately stepped down and endorsed Alfonso Cadiz urging his supporters to vote for him during the second round of election.
The second round of election kicked off between Alfonso Cadiz and Incumbent Prime Minister Lucas Windsor Wessex . Mr Alfonso Cadiz won the incumbent prime minister Lucas Windsor Wessex at the second round of election with a landslide victory of 12 vote ( 80% of total vote cast ) and he was immediately declare the winner of the premiership race while the incumbent prime minister Lucas Windsor Wessex acquired 3 vote ( 20% of total vote cast ). The October general election is the first general election in the Britannian Kingdom's History were the incumbent prime minister of the region will be defeated.

The Prime Minister's Inagural Speech:
My fellow Countrymen,

Today I have been elected to the Office of Prime Minister with the largest percentage of the vote in our region’s history. I shall use this mandate to push on a new era to our region. An Era of increased activity on our forum and regional message board. An Era of a new Imperialist Military that will spread the glory of grand Kingdom. An Era Bright new Leadership for our Region. With no further a delay I shall announce my cabinet.

Deputy Prime Minister ~ Andree Wessex: Mr. Wessex is an experienced member of our region with the second most posts on the forum. I believe he will do an amazing job working alongside me and with his wisdom and experience, he shall ensure we have the best Cabinet we can have.

Home Secretary ~ John Donald: Mr. Donald is a former Lord, Lord Chancellor, MP, and Home Secretary in the region known as New United Kingdom. With such history and skills to handle all of those different positions I fully believe he can fulfill my plans for the Home Office as described in my Platform.

Foreign Secretary ~ Albert Phillips: Mr. Phillips has the most posts on our forum and this is will his 3rd term as Foreign Secretary. He has already done some great work for our region and refuses partisanship wherever it shows it’s face which is something I deeply respect. He can more than do his duty to our region in his role as Foreign Secretary.

Culture Secretary ~ James Smith: Mr. Smith is another returning member to the Cabinet. He has done great work this term, seeing to that I only think it would be best to entrust him with another term to continue to build the Culture Office and bring it to new heights.

Attorney General ~ Ralph Alexander: Mr. Alexander: Mr. Alexander is a multi-term MP with the wisdom and skills to make him more than able to serve in this role. He is confident in his abilities to do great things and with my previous statement, you can tell I’m in agreement. So I hope you all can all show as much confidence in him as I have.

Once more thank you, my countrymen, for this amazing victory. Together we can bring on a new Era of glory, honour, and activity to our Kingdom under our illustrious Sovereign King-Emperor William V. Glory to our new Era! Ave Britannia! God Save the King!