The Royal Messenger Volume 19

October 2017 Update

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Vibhor Mikaelson

Crown Court Chief Judge:
Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
The Hon. Sir Akillian Talleyrand
Prime Minister: Jan van Dijk​
Deputy Prime Minister: Michael D. Pearson​
Home Secretary: JayDee​
Foreign Secretary: Francis A. Thomas​
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend​
Culture Secretary: Longdendale​
Attorney General: William Kudrow​

Pragmatic Alliance Sweeps Victory

Voters headed to the polls on the 21st of September to vote for their next Prime Minister, MPs, and Mayor of London. There were over 10 candidates for only five seats in the House of Commons. The Pragmatic Alliance ran a full ticket with Lord Jan van Dijk (who previously ran two times before as a prime ministerial candidate and lost) running for Prime Minister and Vibhor Mikaelson running for Mayor of London, with the Liberal Party running 4 candidates for the Commons under Misael Wessex for Prime Minister and Cello Snow-Donald for Mayor of London. Independent candidates included Rarry Riket for Prime Minister and Mayor of London, and Regionia as the sole MP candidate.

The Pragmatic Alliance was able to sweep victory across the board, gaining 4 out of the 5 seats in the House of Commons with Lord Andrew B. Fraser of the Liberal Party as the opposition as MP of Worcester. PA candidate Jan van Dijk claimed a decisive victory as the new Prime Minister with 57.6% of the vote over the Liberals’ Misael Wessex’ 39.4%; PA’s Vibhor Mikaelson won as Mayor of London with 58.3% over Snow-Donald’s 30.6%.

Prime Minister van Dijk appointed Mr. Michael D. Pearson as Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. JayDee as Home Secretary, Mr. Francis Thomas as Foreign Secretary, Mr. Writinglegend as Defence Secretary (once again), Mr. Longdendale as Culture Secretary, and Mr. William Kudrow as the Attorney General. The new Cabinet is a healthy mix of “new and old faces, and citizens from different parties”, in the words of the Prime Minister, who “have the talent to make their departments thrive” in common.

King Edward Laid to Rest

On the 8th of October the workings of the region came to a halt as the state funeral of the Duke of Worcester and former King Edward IX was held in Westminster Abbey. The service was attended by many in the region: government officials, MPs, the Monarch, Prince of Wales, former Queen Constance, and many others. After the beautiful service conducted by Lady Victoria Stewart many people gave their eulogies thanking Edward for his dedicated service to the region over the years. He helped form the region into what we know it as today and the loss of him is the loss of a giant in which the UK will move on but always remember and be thankful for his service to the region.

Parliament At Work

Over two weeks into the term and Parliament has dived into its duties. Not long after the term began Prime Minister Jan van Dijk nominated Sir Akillian Talleyrand, the previous Prime Minister and incumbent Speaker of the House of Commons, to the Crown Court to sit alongside Her Grace, the Duchess of Bedford and York after the death of the Duke of Worcester. The nomination of Sir Akillian Talleyrand soon received the approval of the House of Commons and he was confirmed to the Crown Court.

The House of Commons also proposed and passed the Defense Act Amendment which sought to give ultimate power over the military to His Majesty’s Government after a military mission last term caused much controversy after the UKAF participated in a raid of the Alliance of Catholic Nations. The mission ended up causing a joint inquiry to be launched into what happened. The amendment has passed the House of Commons and now sits waiting for approval from the House of Lords.

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