Mid-month Mini Updates

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    Mid-monthly Mini Updates

    Since our last update activity in the region has calmed down other than the regular chatting in the RMB, however though a the regions government was brought into action with a coup in our allied region by treaty Radiant Republic. The founder Odinburgh ousted the elected government headed by New Bradfordsburg for crimes against the region, to which those of us in the CoC are still unsure of. After the coup New Bradfordsburg and his supporters followed him to The Radiant a region that the government in exile founded.

    New Bradfordsburg asked for the members of the Interregional Cooperation Treaty come to his aid and raid the Radiant Republic, after a while as no one had answered his call he considered the treaty dead as none of the members came to his governments aid. After much back and forth between the two regions, they finally signed a peace treaty.

    - My own personal note(Zeek): As I am a member of the CoC government (Minister of Culture) I am not at liberty to disclose the secret meetings of what our government discussed about the coup and hostilities that followed.

    October-November Elections

    Due to being inactive and real life getting in the way, current Secretory General Racus announced last week that he will not seek re-election in the up coming elections. It wasn't until a few days latter that former Deputy Secretory General Scandinavia announced his bid for the position of Secretory General. However Racus did point out that in order to run for Secretory General a candidate must have a running mate.

    A few days before Scandinavia made his announcement, long term resident Alkoul(Yours truly) announced his conditional announcement for the position of Secretory General along with a platform for reforming the regions foreign policies. Alkoul for Secretary General.