A Special Announcement by United Kingdom

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    Special Annoucement

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    Regional Government
    [table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
    Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
    Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

    WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
    Mayor of London: Vibhor Mikaelson

    Crown Court Chief Judge: Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
    Crown Court Judge: His Grace The Duke of Worcester
    Prime Minister:Jan van Dijk​
    Deputy Prime Minister: Mike D. Pearson​
    Home Secretary: JayDee​
    Foreign Secretary: Francis A. Thomas​
    Defence Secretary: Writinglegend​
    Culture Secretary:Longdendale​
    Attorney General: William Kudrow​

    A Special Announcement by United Kingdom


    Friends of the United Kingdom,

    It is with a heavy heart we announce the death of a favorite son of United Kingdom, His Grace the Duke of Worcester His former Majesty King Edward IX. Buckingham Palace announced that His Grace died peacefully at Marlborough House with the family by his side. The region descended into heavy grief for a man who was Sovereign, Father and Grandfather of Sovereigns; and whose life has spanned the reigns of 8 Sovereigns. Many might not have known him but he is well known as a titan in the history of this Kingdom. Having been a consummate public servant, he has had a major hand in shaping the region into what many of us here in the United Kingdom call a special home. His death has brought a great sadness but also a great sense of remembrance as we remember the great impact he had on the region. Flags are being flown at half-mast as funeral preparations are underway. The whole world mourns his death and will cherish their memory of a brave and beloved King.