The Northern Lights - Issue XVI, 3rd October


A rocket has landed. A dog is inside.
September General Elections
by Brend0g, Min. of Communications
The final General Elections of the year again proved very interesting with the vice delegate race proving to be tightly contested. For those new to the election cycle in TNP, every four months we have the General elections in which the Delegate, Vice Delegate, Speaker of the Regional Assembly (RA) and Attorney General are elected.

With Pallaith being the incumbent, having the advantage, it was not surprising that Pallaith won the elections. Fellow candidates vying for one of the most influential positions in TNP and NS were Skittleyflakes and Kyoki Chudoku. Pallaith had the overwhelming support of the citizens.
Pallaith's incumbent advantage helped him massively and ran on the platform of continuing the synergy and collaboration between ministries in his last term. Furthermore, he campaigned on the increased opportunities that TNP has his wiliness to go for it, yet keeping our independence and the identity of the region. Kyoki Chudoku campaigned on improving collaboration and averting conflict. Also, to make TNP a welcoming place, to better teach newer players how everything operates, to create a greater sense of regional unity and to give people entertainment along the way. Without any experience and knowledge of existing players and the foreign policy of The North Pacific, it was hard for Kyoki Chudoku to win. Her candidacy highlighted issues not perceived before such as the constant barrage of recruitment telegrams to be acknowledged and mitigated by her opponents. Finally, Flakey was the last candidate, and his platform was 'TNP is corrupt. I want to make TNP great!' With no experience and evidence, it was unsuccessful. With both opponents vastly inexperienced, Pallaith would win by a landslide of 64 votes, 89% of those voted.

The Vice Delegate race was the most exciting of the four officials being elected, with two major contenders, the incumbent Kasch and former Home Affairs minister Siwale. Kasch ran on experience, dedication, and activeness presenting a platform of continuing the public disclosure of the Security Council (SC) and continuing with events and the interaction between SCers and gameside. His opponent Siwale had a new approach to the Vice delegacy and thus had new ideas; requiring SCers to be citizens, trying to raise endorsements of the Delegate, Vice Delegate, and the whole SC through telegrams and endorsement goals. Finally, the last candidate was Hong Kong who inexperienced and a limited platform. Both candidates had competing ideas, but ultimately Siwale won with a close margin of 54%, 28 votes

Owenstacey stood for re-election as Speaker of the Regional Assembly (RA), on the simple platform of keeping the Office active and consistent through numerous deputies and weekly RA digests. Unsurprisingly with no other candidates, he won with 64 votes.

Finally, the office of the Attorney General (AG) Darcania stood for re-election on the platform of being active, some experience and knowledge of the TNP law. The contender was Midir and ran just because he wanted to change, and the end of Darcania’s numerous terms in the AG office. Unsurprisingly again, Darcania won with a landslide of 93% or 64 votes again.

Ultimately TNP saw a return of most officials to their respective offices, Palliath to the Delegacy, Owenstacy to the Speakership and Darcania to AG office while the Vice Delegacy had a new face, Siwale. We look forward the January elections next year where there will be an exciting race for Delegate at least, with Palliath’s two terms coming up to an end.

Roleplay Reel #3
by Iraelia, Citizen
While roleplay always experiences important monthly changes, this month has been especially important in TNPRP as we held a Roleplay Convention. This event allowed for members of The North Pacific to discuss aspects of world building, pose questions to the moderators, and suggest reforms to the way roleplay occurs in Eras. Many different people participated in the event, role players and otherwise, but let us not forget the events that transpired in the actual canon of Eras.

In National RolePlay, the most impactful event was the Solidarity role play. Solidarity tracks the current ongoings of Cogoria, a communist nation on the Phoenix Strait, and it's relation to the Phoenix Union (PU) and Strait. It discusses the attitudes of the citizens Post-Crown Conflict, and also deals with a new trend that is the rising militarism in Cogoria. Ever since Oktobergrad was destroyed by Scallendovia, the people of Cogoria have been cautious of the PU in particular and foreign powers in general. As a result, they have begun a program to build several Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs) with which to deliver nuclear warheads. In addition to this, they have finally debuted their power armor, which allows one man to fight with the strength of ten in combat. This comes at the drawback of physical harm to the wearer, but the Cogorian government has successfully hidden this fact while working on the means to improve it. To top off their militaristic rise, they have ordered round the clock patrols of the Strait and have demanded concessions from the PU for what their members (Scallendovia) did during the Crown Conflict. As of now, the PU has opted to draft a formal statement on the matter and begin a path to reconciliation. This has come as a disappointment to the nation of Maloria (a PU member), whose people have become incredibly cautious about their increasingly more aggressive neighbor.

In Negotiations, several things have occurred recently. The most important being the current activities of the PU. While the PU has yet to officially respond to the testing of several MIRVs and Power Armour by Cogoria, they have voted to address Cogoria on the events that transpired during the Crown Conflict. However, it is most likely that the PU will deal with Cogorian aggression once they have formally apologized and compensated Cogoria for the events of the Crown Conflict. One organization that saw an unusual spark in activity was the Trillium Compact, an alliance of democratic nations across Eras. A recent message was sent by the representative from Ceretis affirming his support of the prospective members. This means that a formal meeting may finally be called regarding the invitees, wherein a vote will occur. Finally, The Iterian League continued it's activity, with the Directorate passing a General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs. A vote is currently being held on a resolution regarding travel between League member states.

Finally, we can cover the results of the Roleplay Convention thus far. Many different topic areas came up during the debate, but these following were the most prominent; Continent Names, Time Zones, Geography, the Solar System, and Fantasy-Realism disconnect. On the issue of continent names, the convention all but ratified the names for Iteria and Meterra, the continents upon which Plembobria and Sasten reside respectively, as they are commonly used as canon. However, the northwestern continent, the dueling northeastern continents, and the southeastern/western continent had several proposals. The continent upon which Arrandal resides has been proposed as either Avignia (meaning phoenix), Craviter (roughly translates to crowned land), and Cavitria (a bastardization of Craviter). Three names have been proposed for the northwestern continent, all corresponding to the Gotic people which inhabit most of it; they are Gothas, Gothis, or Gathas. The continent on which Xentherida and Ceretis occupy has been proposed to be called Collandris, and has yet to receive a competitor. The Southwestern Continent has been suggested as Icenia, a name upon which all active role players on the landmass have agreed, and Kian/Kianza has been proposed as the name for the continent upon which McMasterdonia and Thenaca reside. As of now, no name is official. On the topic of time zones, it seems there is no consensus on a complete map of world time zones, but many role players have supported the idea of having an Eras version of Greenwich Mean Time based around the nation of McMasterdonia. This has faced opposition from some people, and an alternative has been proposed to run a line down the center of the map to determine the meantime. Meanwhile, the debate on geography has been decisive, with most role players agreeing that geography should be established between role players. Another fun idea that has been proposed was a solar system. Syrixia recently suggested that we establish a solar system for all those who wish to do space exploration with their nation. While it has seen some initial pushback, the debate is currently inconclusive. Finally, we have the Fantasy-Realism Disconnect. Many nations on Eras like to engage in some form of fantasy role play, be it dragons or faeries or what have you. This has been tolerated for the most part, but a recent uptick in the fantastical has led to a debate on the extent of which fantasy should be allowed in Eras. So far, many people wish to maintain the status quo in regards to the policy towards High Fantasy, but sentiment has swung against the favour of science fiction. But the fact is, no regulations will come into place unless the people wish to regulate other players themselves. In the words of Lead RolePlay Moderator Madjack, "Ultimately, I think it depends on how willing people are to let things go by." In summary, the role play convention has been incredibly productive thus far and looks as though it will remain to be until the end of the week-long extension.

This has been Roleplay Reel #3.

Regional Assembly Highlights
by Brend0g, Min. of Communications
Considering the general elections taking half the month, we have seen decent activity in the Regional Assembly

Similarly, with last month, two more motions to admit Pallaith and Bootsie to the Security Council occurred, strengthening it to eight members. Bootsie's admission to the Security Council passed overwhelming with 29 voting aye, 2 nays and 8 abstaining. Furthermore, Palliath's acceptance to the Security Council also passed overwhelmingly with 34 voting aye, 3 nays and 4 abstaining.

Many bills are going to vote, more Security council motions, with Plemboria's and Kasch's, the Citizenship Security Evaluations Amendment. Other bills are under discussion, Reforming the Penal Code, Leave of Absence Removal Bill and Amendments to the Line of Succession.

Overall we have seen many Security Councillors being admitted and continues the trend from last month.

Discord Analysis #3
by Scorch, Deputy A.G
This column does not represent the views of the Government of The North Pacific.
In the previous issue, we focused on what came before Discord and how Discord became the prominent form of communication in NationStates. This issue we will be looking at how Discord has affected NationStates gameplay.

Many regions now use Discord for more than just basic communication. Regions have multiple servers, usually including a general server, military server, and government server. Many in-game decisions are discussed on Discord before they are ever executed on the NationStates site. Executive decisions are talked about on Discord, and the executive staff in regions also communicates through Discord.

Another aspect of NationStates that Discord is a part of is military actions. Many raiders and defenders now use Discord to communicate about their missions. This includes the discussions between military leaders, initial planning of the operation, the gathering of military members, the explanation of the operation, and the execution of the operation. Without a communication platform like Discord, many military operations would be made much more difficult.

The final aspect of NationStates that we will be discussing today are coups. Discord logs have now become a viable source of evidence that has been used as a defence in coups. In a recent incident in Lazarus, both sides were using Discord logs to show why their actions were justified. Some recent coups have been planned and orchestrated through Discord. As Discord continues to grow, this trend will likely increase.

Discord has become a part of nearly every part of NationStates. Not only is it the easiest way to communicate, but it also has many features that other communication platforms do not, allowing it to become even more useful and accessible. We will continue to see the use of Discord in planning military actions, government action, and citizen communication.

Monthly Memoirs
by Atlae, Deputy Min. Home Affairs
Monthly Memoirs is back for September! This month’s theme was the September 2017 General Election (see General Election Results, written by Brend0g). The responses showed the variety and diversity in opinion we have as a region.

Here are those questions:

1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?

2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?
Here were our responses:

1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?

Yes, I always make sure to vote in all elections that come up as when the voter turnout high, democracy is working at its best.

2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Indeed I was. All of the candidates have the experience and qualifications needed to serve in their positions and have a strong commitment toward the people of TNP.

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

This question proves to be exceedingly hard to answer. Honestly, there have been no elections so far where I have thought a different outcome would be beneficial.

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

The one policy change that I think would be very beneficial for the new government to undertake would be allowing both consulates and embassies so that small region wishing to have informal relations with us could. We would not need to send ambassadors to their regions but could still receive benefits such as news from their regions and invitations to their events.
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?

I always vote in every election, the more, the merrier and represents all views of The North Pacific.

2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Indeed, all the officials that were elected had experience through previous positions and are well equipped to serve the TNP.

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

It's very hard but the January General lections of 2017 with the Vice delegate. Although Tomb won I would have like to seen a reopen of nominations to see for any other candidates. That was my first election and I felt that there was no choice.

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

I think we need to be more open to smaller and more diverse regions to let smaller regions become more familiar as well as allowing a chance for smaller regions to be more involved with GCR's which have a larger influence
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?

Yes, I did.

2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Happy? Wrong word. I didn't see the result I wanted, but I am very supportive of those elected.

Q3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

I don't really know, to be honest, that's a tough question.

Q4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

Once again, I can't think of any specific policies that I would want them to change at the moment.
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?


2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Since I was still new to the region, I was indifferent but happy for those who were re-elected and for Siwale winning after a hard-fought campaign to Kasch who I'll bet will be Delegate someday.

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

Though in the future I might be upset over a result, why would I want to overrule the will of the people?

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

I will answer this question after future elections as I'm still new and learning about the foreign/domestic policies of the region.
Great Bights Mum:
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?

Yes, I did.

2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Yes, I am.

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

It's a toss-up. Pixiedance for obvious reasons. Lewis & Clark for a more complicated reason. With Pixiedance, we had no idea how badly things would turn out, but with L&C we should have seen. In retrospect, I feel there was much more I could have done to prevent the Crimson problem. The timing of the election, which resulted in ridiculously low voter turnout was something that should never have happened. The politics at the time left the region severely divided. Not squished like with Pixiedance, but broken in some ways that were harder to mend. That's probably where I would wish for a do-over.

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

Not so much of change, but greater emphasis on NPA recruiting. Our military is very active, and it's a lot of fun to be involved in the NPA. We have a big region, and I think there are opportunities to grow our armed forces.
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?


Q2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

No, not really

Q3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

I'd change the September 2017 Election to where I would win.

Q4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

I don't know
1. Did you vote in the September 2017 General Election?


Q2. Were you happy with the results of the election?

Yes, I was very happy with the result for obvious reasons.

3. If you had to (or was forced to) change the outcome of one election and once only, which would it be and why?

This one is hard for me, but I would change the May Speaker election where I lost to Bootsie. Many will already understand why I would choose this because I went on to have to run the Office alone for nearly a month so I would have to change that.

4. What specific policy change do you wish to see from the new government?

One I would like to see is a further emphasis on activity and engagement in the FA ministry. At the moment it seems to have fallen away from what it once was with very few ambassadors consistently posting reports. So my policy change would be to do more work with the FA ministry as this is what the rest of the world see about us.

The Spotlight #6: An Interview with Owenstacey
by Owenstacey & Kasch, Speaker & Min. Foreign Affairs.
Kasch: Welcome, Owenstacey! You're the 6th person to appear on the exclusive interview segment *the Spotlight*. How does it feel?

Owenstacey: Well, thank you for having me, Kasch. It feels great to have the chance to put myself across to the region so people can get to know me a little better. The Spotlight has interviewed some of the top North Pacific citizens, so I feel honoured to be a part of that list.

Kasch: Now, the first question. How do you feel about the most recent election?

Owenstacey: I believe it went as well as it could have for me. Okay, I was the only one that stood for Speaker, but I can only beat whatever is in front of me. I'm thrilled to have won the majority that I did because it shows that so many people have faith in me and for what I have been doing. However, I would have liked more to have taken an interest in the race and other people to be enthusiastic and give it a go as there is no harm in running.

Kasch: The election was relatively recent, but now let's go all the way back. Owen, for those who don't know you, tell us your backstory in the North Pacific. Where did you come from?

Owenstacey: Well, I started back in August 2016 when I founded in The North Pacific. I then spent about the first-week answering issues before I decided to join the offsite forum. Then I joined the Diplomatic Corp as soon as I got my citizenship because I wanted to get involved with other regions. Praetor really helped me settle in and find my feet as an ambassador and shaped my first days in The North Pacific and create my path for the future.

Kasch: Could you give us a little more information about your time as Speaker?

Owenstacey: Sure. It all started after I lost the election in May to Bootsie. He went inactive soon and left me to run the office on my own because I had no power to appoint Deputies as I was one myself. I feel that this time cemented my love for the Office. Then after Bootsie eventually resigned I won the Special election and was officially appointed Speaker. This was really special for me because it showed that all of the hard work in the month previously had shown. Then for the rest of that term, I worked alongside my Deputies, Crushing Our Enemies, Abbey and abc to try to get the Office more active and more efficient.

Kasch: You have had a sparkling career so far! We all want you to keep doing this well. Next question, who is a role model in this community for you? Who do you look up to?

Owenstacey: For me it has to be Pallaith or Crushing our Enemies (COE). Since I joined the Speaker's Office as a Deputy under Pallaith, he has helped me and guided me along my way and got me to where I am now. During the time under Bootsie when I was working on my own, he was always there if I needed him and he was the one that kept me going when I wanted to give up. Even now, when I am Speaker, and he is Delegate, we still talk often, and I know he is there if I have any queries.

COE has also helped me so much since I got involved with the Speaker's Office and has always been there if I needed any help. He also chose to come back to the Office and help me rebuild, which I think shows how dedicated he is and how much the Speaker's Office means to him and me just wish I could have the dedication and determination he has.

Kasch:What is the most important thing that you have learnt as Speaker?

Owenstacey: I don't know what the most important thing I've learnt is because I've learnt so much. But if I had to choose one thing it would have to be having patience when things are hard.

Kasch: Going forward, what tips do you have for potential Speakers?

Owenstacey: I definitely have a couple of tips. One of them is to start early. If you have an interest in the Legislature, don't wait, get involved in any way you can so you can start learning as soon as possible. My second tip is don't give up. There will always be times when you want to give up and quit. Don't. If you want it, you have to chase it. I'm not going to lie, there have been many times when I wanted to quit, but it was the determination that led me to continue that has got me to where I am now.

Kasch: Regarding NS and the North Pacific, where do you see yourself in a year?

Owenstacey: To be honest, I don't know where I see myself in a year, so much can change. If I asked myself when I started, I would never have said I would be Speaker of the Regional Assembly but here I am. The only thing I'm sure of is I will still be in The North Pacific, just in what capacity I don't know.

Kasch: Interesting, do you see yourself ever moving into another government position? And if so, which position can you see yourself in next?

Owenstacey: I can see myself moving into another government position at some point; I just don't know when. And which position, I can see myself running for Vice Delegate, then maybe Delegate at some point, but I don’t know when that will be.

Kasch: Oh, really? I think you should go for it! If you had to pick a dream cabinet, who would be in it?

Owenstacey: That is a really hard question as there are so many amazing citizens to choose from, but if I had to choose I would have Sil Dorsett as my Minister of World Assembly Affairs. Sil has done amazing work with the ministry since stepping up to the role, and I'm sure with grow in coming times. My Minister of Foreign Affairs would have to be Lord Ravenclaw; he has been huge in his work for the region and during his time as Delegate. Even now he is still quite active in the ministry so that I couldn't look past him. Gladio would have to be my Defence Minister. The work he has done this term and previous terms to rebuild the NPA and make it as active as it is now is a testament to how hard he loves the ministry and how important he would be to my Cabinet.

My Culture Minister would be Mcmasterdonia. The work he has done in the past, and the plans that are in place for this term shows how much it can grow on last term so, Mcmasterdonia would have to be my Culture Minister. My Minister for Communications would have to be you, Kasch. The work you did in your term as Minister in getting it to the level of activity it is at now is hugely impressive, and I feel that you would be perfect for the role again. Finally, my Home Affairs Minister would have to be Siwale. The work Siwale did last term in getting the ministry active and working on recruitment as well as the Forum mentors and keeping both sides very active is something I would want and Siwale would be able to do it very well.

Kasch: Great choices! What would you say your greatest strengths and weaknesses are?

Owenstacey: My greatest strength has to be my determination and dedication shown after running the Speaker office on my own for a month and not giving up. My weakness, experience. Okay I have tons of experience with TNP law and the legislative branch but if I was to move over to the executive branch at some time, I have only held one role in the executive branch, Deputy WA Minister for a short time, so I would be at a disadvantage compared to their people who may have held roles in that side of government.

Kasch: And so what made you start playing NationStates?

Owenstacey: Before I started playing Nationstates I had spent quite a while trying to find a political simulation game to play and really get my teeth into. Then one day I found Nationstates, created what is my main nation Sheppey and the rest is history.

Kasch: Sounds like a similar story to many other players, of all the things you have done in NationStates, what are you most proud of?

Owenstacey: It's got to be getting elected Speaker at the Special election. It summed up how far I have come and proved that I had the backing of the citizenry to go forward.

Kasch: Who has been your most influential mentor in NationStates so far?

Owenstacey: It has to be Praetor. From when I first started playing and got involved with the FA ministry I received so much advice and inspiration from him. He gave me the passion for Foreign Affairs I have now. Even after he came back from his break, I continued to talk with him, and he continued to help me move forward.

Kasch: If everyone else was to CTE, which six nations would you save?

Owenstacey: This is such a hard question. The first Nation I would have to would be Lord Ravenclaw. The amount of work he has done for the region is so inspirational, and I could not imagine a region without him.
The second would be R3naissanc3r. He has done so much work for the region and has developed us so far forward as well as creating so many tools to make our lives easier, so R3n would have another one.My next nation I would save is Mcmasterdonia. Again for very similar reasons as Lord Ravenclaw, Mcmasterdonia has done so much for the region, I could not think of anyone else that I would want to save.
Pallaith would be my next nation to save. One of the people I have looked up to for so long. He has done so much for the region since he joined I would have to save him. Another nation would have to be Crushing Our Enemies. I can't think of many people that have done as much for one branch of government as COE. I would need someone that could help get the Legislature back on track after the CTE's, and I cannot look past him.
My final choice would be Zvyetskistaahn. Zvyet did so much for the Speaker's Office in his huge tenure as Speaker and I know he would help in so many ways.

Kasch: Finally, what other region do you find most interesting?

Owenstacey: It would have to be The Pacific. This is probably because they have for so long not been one of our allies but we are now starting to get close to them, so they way they run their region interests me and is one of the reasons I also chose to be the TNP ambassador to The Pacific.

North Pacific Army Bulletin
by Yuno, Citizen
On September 2nd,
1. Gladio
2. Zazumo
3. Agadir
4. Iraelia
5. Otto IV
6. BluieGamer
purged and exorcised populations of depraved rogues from across NationStates.

One day later,
1. Agadir
2. BluieGamer
3. Gladio
4. QD
5. Zazumo
6. Sinabix
went on an ultimate Pass/Death mission, following BluieGamer and Agadir into battle, the two soldiers were to lead their battalions. They set timer bombs and released their warcry as they wrecked the burning invaders and freed the regions from their puppet state controls.
BluieGamer and Agadir are hereby promoted to Lieutenant
and awarded the ribbon of Officer for their heroic actions
As for private Sinabi, General Gladio was proud to elevate Sinabi to Private First Class. He was a fast learner and the top quality among privates, and with time he will undoubtedly advance.

Days later, on the 9th of September, the cleansing of the pillaged and polluted villages of Dankville, Nepots, and Belaus were performed by 10 of the most eminent military leaders.
North Pacific Soldiers:
1. Gladio
2. QuietDad
3. AgadirI
4. Zazumo
5. Malphe
6. Cimmerien
7. Zeek
8. Sinabix
9. BluieGamer
10. Minesearch

Only two days later, and another 3 were cleansed: The Mountains to The East, Tristique, and Excellus.
And once again, 10 sizable nations combined militaristic forces.
1. Gladio
2. QuietDad
3. Lozinak
4. Malphe
5. Zazumo
6. Otto IV
7. Zeek
8. Agadir
9. Bluie
10. Sinabix

Unable to suppress their sheer raw power, they invaded the Warzone Australia, eliminated all dissenters, destroyed infrastructure, and confiscated all gold and resources.
Lozinak earns his place to be with Agadir and BluieGamer in the Lieutenant Corps:


Exhilarated by victory, only 24 hours later, the NPA set off to emancipate six more countries!:
1. The Ezraltonian Region of World Affairs
2. Kiklandian Blackhole
3. Republic of Isolation
4. Star Trek United Federation of Planets
5. The Enchanted Forest of Summertom
6. Somewhere over the Rainbow

These were the NPA military nations that performed such an action:
1. Gladio
2. Zazumo
3. QuietDad
4. Malphe
5. Darcania
6. Otto IV
7. BluieGamer
8. Agadir

(Hint: If you want to be one of us, join the NPA.)

Gladio and NPA's bloodlust still not sated, 24 hours later they straight up released TEN REGIONS, breaking their speed record despite their large numbers and the difficulties that are associated with transporting sheer large armies. These are the regions the North Pacific Army exterminated malicious leeches from:
1.Regional Gaggle
2.The Southwark Keys
3.RDG Lancashire
5.Z Fighters
6.The Globalist World
7.Puppet and Abandon Nation Dumps
8.PC World
10.Menterra II

The heroes of this one are as listed:

This heartbreaking victory fascinated thousands of nations across the North Pacific, inciting hundreds more to enlist in the premier Army. Unfortunately, the General accepts only the shrewdest, most tactical and impregnable of nations. He sent hundreds of nations to fight wars, saving countries Umbra and EAEA. 8 victors emerged:
1. Gladio
2. QuietDad
3. Zazumo
4. Malphe
5. Sinabix
6. Cotook
7. BluieGamer
8. Goyanes

Gladio proudly awarded these soldiers with NPA rations, and Goyanes with a Lieutenant promotion, and an Officer medal. He is to join the four other newly minted Lieutenants of this month, as future generational leaders.


Obviously still bloodthirsty immediately after vetting through thousands of recruits by death, Gladio decided to transfer total control of his ARMY to his fresh-meat Lieutenant (who was promoted mere 24 hours ago) Goyane, to have another go at it 24 hours later, ("it" being nuclear warfare.) Leading the forces himself, he and the 7 NPA Soldiers:
1. Gladio
2. Darcania
3. QD
4. Cotook
5. Malphe
6. Zazumo
7. Goyanes
decimated the criminals of Confederacy of Pan Austronesian States, and Cascendra, freeing the innocent residents from enemy slave labor. It was an exhausting battle. Very exhausting, all the soldiers came out bloodied, some were amputated and harmed. All of them were hospitalized.

It took them 5 days to recover, but no more than that, because they were needed and demanded back on the field. And they stacked up their weapons, gunpowder, tanks, armory, rations, and joined the next emergency fray of sensitive, critical territories.The North Pacific Army combined forces with TEP, TWP, Osiris and UK, and INVADED JAPAN.
6.Otto IV

It was a powerful raid, they got what they wanted out of Japan, and allowed Japan to remain unharmed after their fresh surrender. Stocking up their supplies, the 7 of the NPA left to save more regions that needed a dictatorial revolution.
1. Warren2020
2. La Mesa Redonda
3. The Northern Pacific Ocean
4. Kosovo
5. Europia
6. Suequlla

These are the 7 perspicacious soldiers:
3.Otto IV
Almost one country per soldier.

Having done one INVASION, the NPA was more power hungry than they were before, and conquered Warzone Africa, re-established dominance over Warzone Australia, and destroyed Fascist State, a violently extremist ideological region. They also saved the UDN while they were at it. 9 NPAers took part:
1. Gladio
2. QuietDad
3. Darcania
4. Malphe
5. Sasten
6. Agadir
7. Goyanes
8. BluieGamer
9. Zazumo

They wanted one more raid, so precisely 2 days later, on the 23rd of September, the North Pacific Army and the West Pacific Armed Forces teamed up to invade annex The Union of The Axis Powers, and successfully.
Simultaneously, The North Pacific performed two side missions to rescue Belaus and The Federation of Mira. Lieutenant Lozinak, the newest Lieutenant, was the soldier who ordered, oversaw, organized and lead the army into the the liberations. These are the soldiers who contributed:
1. Lozinak
2. Goyanes
3. Malphe
4. Agadir
5. QuietDad
6. BluieGamer
7. Cimmerien
8. Gladio
9. Zazumo

Goyanes, not to be outshined by his fellow lieutenant, also led 9 North Pacific Nations into the jingoistic crusade:
The occupation of TNWO, the executions of the reprobates of Futhead, The Fascist Territories, and TNWO. These are the NPA soldiers who exerted their combat poweress:
1. Cimmerien
2. QuietDad
3. Zeek
4. Agadir
5. Bluie
6. Otto IV
7. Malphe
9. Goyanes

And with that concludes today:
1. Gladio
2. Agadir
3. Zazumo
4. Malphe
5. QuietDad
The last five, who rebuilt the demolished ruins that the Roman Empire had incinerated.
The Greater Empire
The Christian States
Social Democratic Coalition
Union of The World Socialist Republics
United Entities of Equality
The Islamic Imperial Colonies
Gotta Love Appreciation
Try It and See It

THE LAST OP OF SEPTEMBER, on the 28th at Minor Update time, the top brass leadership of the North Pacific Army spearheaded the seizure of Warzone Sandbox. Minister of Defense Gladio, General QuietDad, Lieutenant BluieGamer, Lieutenant Zazumo, Lieutenant Malphe, and Lieutenant Agadir conquered this marshal field, and emerged from the war - victorious.

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