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During the month of August the regions government activity picked up when elections were called by the Speaker Racus, this was the second time elections were called, however through in mid-July the region voted in favor to extend the current term due to lack of candidates for the office of Secretary General and Speaker. Incumbent Secretary General NeuPolska didn't seek re-election. So the candidates for Secretary General were Racus and Jackonia. After the time for campaigning had ended the citizens of the region voted. After three days of voting the polls closed and the results were in, Racus with 8 votes and Jackonia with 3.

However though for the post of Speaker the election process was far easier with only one candidate, Narnifrey who won by default.

Regional Assembly

Since being elected as Speaker, Narnifery has been very busy with several bills being proposed and passed during their first few days in office and during this time wrote their mid-session speech outlining all the work and progress made:

Mid-Session Speech from the Honorable Madam Speaker of the Commonwealth Assembly

Mr. Secretary-General, Ministers of the Executive Cabinet, and my fellow assembly colleagues:

This chamber has the necessary powers to shape the laws of our region and hold the government accountable, and we have done so and will continue to do so. I encourage all members to continue participate actively and decisively in the legislative processes that keep our region on task. The hard work and dedication of each and every member here present will ensure a fruitful turn out in both debate and at the ballot box, in the continued weeks and the future sessions of the Commonwealth Assembly.

The hard work and dedication of our Commonwealth Assembly over the past weeks has been evident as we revise and rewrite the Commonwealth of Crowns laws and the unified government code. Let us take a look at some of the success we have accomplished so far:

New Legislation ~ A Second Resolution on the Splintered Alliance
- New legislation, a second resolution of the Commonwealth Assembly, regarding the organization of “The Splintered Alliance.”
- Legislation Passed with 6 Yea's, 0 Nay's, and 1 abstaining.

New Legislation ~ The Countering the Commonwealth’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act

- New legislation that provides Assembly review, authorizes sanctions and resolutions, and counters aggression against the Splintered Alliance, terrorism, anti-monarchism, etc.
- Legislation Passed with 7 Yea's, 3 Nay's, and 2 abstaining.

New Legislation ~ The 2017 Act to Keep The Commonwealth of Crowns Working!
- New Legislation establishing a region-wide policy supporting The Commonwealth of Crowns economy and immigrants' role in the workplace.
- Legislation Passed with 5 Yea's, 0 Nay's, and 2 abstaining.

New Legislation ~ The Commonwealth Central Bank Act
- New Legislation to establish a regional central bank to further push the economic goals of the commonwealth and to provide a resource to aid in the nation building process.
- Legislation Passed with 6 Yea's, 0 Nay's, and 0 abstaining.

My fellow members, you and I will continue to work together in the months ahead on other issues: productive agriculture policy, fixing the oversight and bureaucracy of the government, uphold international law, and work ways to encourage the good work of charities and faith-based groups. I ask you to join me on these important legislative issues in the same spirit of cooperation we've applied to our war against terrorism. During these last few months, I've been humbled and privileged to see the true character of our Commonwealth in a time of testing. Our enemies believed The Commonwealth itself is weak and materialistic, that we would splinter in fear and selfishness. They were as wrong as they are evil. The nations of the Commonwealth have responded magnificently, with courage and compassion, strength and resolve. Not only have the individual nations of our great Commonwealth responded in strength and in co-operation as they work hard to defeat the Splintered Alliance and other extremism.

I would now like to a moment to recognize all of the member-nations that have taken a positive role over the past weeks to recognize those that have done important work such as proposing legislation and casting votes during the voting sessions of the Commonwealth Assembly:

The National Delegation of Arthralia
The National Delegation of Alkoul
The National Delegation of Narnifrey
The National Delegation of Vetega
The National Delegation of The Imperial Union of Scandinavia
The National Delegation of NeuPolska
The National Delegation of Racus
The National Delegation of Arroux
The National Delegation of Esparmuran
The National Delegation of Kingdom of the Polar Bear

As long as we’re joined in common purpose, as long as we maintain our common resolve, our journey moves forward, our future is hopeful, and the unity and progress of our Commonwealth will always be strong.
Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the Commonwealth of Crowns.

Thank you so very much,
The Honorable Madam Speaker of the Commonwealth Assembly, Ms. Clara Dalton, of The Royal Empire of Narnifrey

Regional Security

In August the region discussed whether or not to allow Picts back into the region after he posted the follwing on the RMB:

As of today, Picts will pursue a ceasefire of hostilities with a request to restore diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth of Crowns. Eidynburh Command has been updated with the implementation of the new policy from the Pictish Government. We are understanding of the controversial nature of this course of action. However, given the undeniable history between Picts and the Commonwealth, and bearing in mind that Picts has held every government position, including Secretary-General and WA Delegate three times, we are determined to follow through with this change of policy. The Pictish Government has contact all relevant parties regarding the notice, including the Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, and the Diplomatic Office of the Commonwealth. I hope that people are able to separate gameplay from real life, as i am sure Vetega and Narnifrey can attest to.
I expect ridicule and rejection, but I know many of the old guard of this region well enough to expect some level of decency and humility.
Pictish Ambassador

A quick history of the friction between Picts and the CoC, Picts using his main nation and a puppet Coup'd our region three times with in a two year time span. After the second time his he was IP banned from the off site forums, but gained access under another IP and tricked the region under the name Sudweca into electing him back into the WA Delegate position.

After a few days of discussions on the regional forum, the voice vote was unanimous against allowing Picts back into the region, a few days latter Secretary General Racus posted the official statement:

Official Communicate on Picts' request to rejoin the Commonwealth of Crowns

The Executive of the Commonwealth of Crowns has opened a public debate on the said matter after we have received Picts' request so that the finale response would be based on the general public opinion of the members of the Commonwealth and the internal analysis of the Government. Through this approach, we have seen many people expressing their opinion, and more importantly, their concerns over this specific matter.

The respective person is part of the history of the Commonwealth, although not the good side. He has occupied many positions in different government branches during various governmental structures, but most notably he is guilty of engaging in malicious activities against the sovereignity of the region during the periods of powers he has enjoyed, by using the power given to him in democratical ways for his own special interests. That being said, he engaged in treasonous coup activites for three times and he has been promoting aggressive actions against the Commonwealth, searching for his unjustified revenge.

His initial request of restoring diplomatical relations with his region, Eidynburgh Command cannot be fulfilled as the region no longer exists, and even if that didn't occured on the way, the Commonwealth of Crowns is an old region filled by experienced players in the NationStates game, with a long history and a great overall record. We have never incited aggressive actions against the named region, nor do we ever considered the region's threats or the region as a whole as a "danger" to our well-being, in a word, we never bothered.

With that in mind, Picts' personal requests could surely not be fulfilled as this region and Government works in an organised way, based on well-set constitutional procedures, and the requests such as holding a regional referendum and others are not in accordance with our procedures. So, we have analyzed Picts' request as any other citizenship request, based on various factors such as initially stated, the general opinion of the public. The conclusion is that Picts' request of gaining citizenship in the Commonwealth is not accepted given his past record of damaging actions that cannot be simply forgiven.

Just wanted to clear things up.

Secretary General,


Role Play (July-August)

Death of a Dove, Birth of a Dragon
The activity on our forum during the month of July through most of August was a buzz with activity with the RP Death of a dove, birth of a dragon, seeing the politically stable nation Alkoul be plunged into a bloody civil war and their fight to preserve the monarchy. During the war the two main factions where the Federals backed by the Federal Alkoulian Republic and the Imperialists who were backed by the Alkoulian government and the many allies that came to Alkouls' rescue when their military faltered. During the lowest point for the Imperialists was when the nations capitol Alkoul city was captured then raised to the ground. Shortly afterwards the Federalists captured the royal family and brutally executed every one of them and then burnt their bodies. It was after this that the people of Alkoul stood up and started to fight back against the Federalists, even those who were federalists truned their backs to the cause and fought for the one true imperial government. It was during the time the tide of the war was turning against the Federalists that a man named Ian Dominick was named Emperor of the reorganized government now called the Imperial Alkoulian empire