Deputy Appointments, September Term


kul Seredrau
No grandiose opening statement this time. Just some Deputy appointments.

I hereby appoint:
  1. SillyString. She has tons of experience in the Office, and it would be a real shame for her to leave now. (Don't mind the new cinderblock in the office, it's nothing important.)
    SillyString will also continue to serve as Stand-in Attorney General.
  2. Goyanes. He's been in the office longer than even I have, by about a few hours. I'm too lazy to change maskings, so he can stay. (Just kidding, it's always nice having someone active and enthusiastic on the team.)
  3. Scorch. This one is new. He asked to join just yesterday, actually, and I couldn't say no to those puppy-dog eyes of his. (Also, an ex-Minister is always a good choice for a Deputy legal position. It helps fill out their legal experience for even higher offices if they choose to go that way.)

Everybody take your oaths before I beat you with a cinderblock.