Forest Update September 2017



Regional Update
September 2017

Welcome to the first update in our new embassy thread, and many thanks for your hospitality.

Following a surge after the region was commended by the Security Council in April, the population of Forest is now stable at 230 to 250 nations. At time of writing, 70 nations were WA members, of which 59 were endorsing the delegate, making Ransium one of the more influential delegates of a user created region (though clearly no match for the infamous TNP stomp). We also have a notable concentration of Issues Editors and authors, with 5 editors and a number of multiply published authors having a presence either as natives or through puppets.

Forest this summer has had a real positive buzz about it. It remains a very active region with 30 to 40 poll responses being typical (meaning we qre making decisions with a participation that compares well with the legislatures of the far larger GCRs) and a vibrant and varied RMB. I for one am very proud to call it home.

N-Day 2
As an eco-friendly, pacifist region you might not expect to us to be enthusiastic about nuclear war, but with considerable irony we entered the fray on N-Day 2 and (to our own surprise as much as that of anyone else) finished in fourth position, the highest scoring and by far the largest faction to receive no radiation. In the final hour we even managed to wreak the vengeance of Gaia on some of the least eco-friendly nations in NS (you know who you are!). Thanks go to our allies Spiritus and International Democratic Union as well as all those who came to cooperate with us as nuclear death rained from the skies.

World Assembly
Our delegate Ransium has authored no less than three successfully adopted recent World Assembly resolutions: Trade of Endangered Organisms (GA #403), Commend Yggdrasil (SC #221) and Commend Drasnia (SC #224).

Interregional Events and Cultural Happenings
Frieden-und Freudenland took two medals at the Oatland Olympics, Mount Seymour finished strongly in the Where the Wild Things Are Royal event Ass Cote and Forest nations have three times won The Bar on the Corner of Every Region Weekend Poetry Competition. We were also pleased to accept an invitation to the next Cross Regional Games hosted by Wysteria.

Forest has established a regional library and is now preparing for the 2017 photography competition. Roleplay Minister Caracasus is facilitating a closed diplomatic summit on the NS forum and a weekly Post an Account From Your Nation event on the RMB.

We were slightly perplexed to receive two visits from The Black Hawks, who arrived each time at major update endorsing the Forest nation with the second largest number of endorsements. We can only assume that this was an attempt to break Ransium’s delegate streak as it approached two years, something we would have been completely unconcerned about. We can only wonder why they bother, but are grateful to the defenders who arrived to foil the operation.

Government matters
We have opened embassies with Oatland and Haiku, plus this embassy thread on the forum of The North Pacific. We have also introduced an ambassador programme and appointed representatives to The South Pacific, The Rejected Realms, International Democratic Union, Yggdrasil, Canada, Texas, Gay, Philosophy 115, Democratic Socialist Assembly and Hippy Haven.

The post of Statistics and Research Minister, which had been vacant for some time, has now been filled by Montmorencia. Amongst other tasks, the Minister will be updating the record of Exceptionally Green Nations and Ransium’s Greenness Index.

After some debate and a vote, we chose not to add either of the new Egalitarian and Feminist tags to the region because, although many of us are feminists or sympathetic to feminism, we decided not to detract from our focus as an environmentalist region.

September is election season in Forest as we choose a Forest Keeper to be regional leader for the next 12 months, with all WA nations in the region eligible to vote. This involves a 3 week shut down of government during which time embassy requests and other matters cannot be dealt with.