The Royal Messenger Volume 18

September 2017 Update

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Lucas Windsor-Wessex

Crown Court Chief Judge: Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
Crown Court Judge: His Grace The Duke of Worcester
Prime Minister: Sir Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: Sir George Windsor-Wessex​
Home Secretary: Mike D. Pearson​
Foreign Secretary: Misael Wessex​
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend​
Culture Secretary: Sacul Astoria​
Attorney General: Matthew Williams​

United Kingdom survives N-Day

Well if you’re reading this that means you survived yet another nuclear war. Congratulations, though this probably won’t be the last time this happens, so stay vigilant and always prepared to run and hide. On the Government side of things, the Prime Minister begged the region to come together to ward off the nuclear threat or the region would face certain destruction.

"In just over 24 hours, our region will enter a grave period of danger and uncertainty. Our world is going to be plunged into nuclear war and all our nations must pull together to ensure we all survive. The upcoming nuclear war cannot be avoided and nations all across NationStates will be preparing, we must make sure our residents do the same. Through creating our own faction, we can collectively defend ourselves and attack our enemies. I will seek to create a faction and if our nations are to survive, everyone should join together.

HM The King will be evacuated to safety and the Government will remain strong through this trying period. All those not participating should seek shelter. If you do choose to join the fight for our safety, your nation may be an economic, military or strategy specialist and we will need all the help we can get. The Government will distribute information to all residents on how they can help us survive a nuclear apocalypse. Nations don't have long to prepare, please listen for broadcast updates from the Government.

Thank you!”

Before the first missiles the King was evacuated but the Government remained in Downing Street and on top of that Parliament stayed open too. The sun rising over the United Kingdom saw the great destruction that had happened after multiple nations had been destroyed, including the Prime Minister’s. Downing Street was also left in ruins, and citizens decided to attack Clarence House where the Prince of Wales was at during the nuclear event. The region’s nuclear faction was in the top 50 at one point but due to many sustained attacks by Forest the region finished all the way in 773rd, which was still an achievement because we barely knew how to play but survived and we will continue to rebuild from this tragic event.

Parliament hard at Work!

During the 50th session of the United Kingdom, Parliament has been busy. The Full Representation Act passed the House of Commons, 4 votes to 1 and was unanimously confirmed by the Lords. The Act provides for elections on the United Kingdom NationStates site so nations can elect someone to organise and manage the RMB, and importantly, represent wishes of nations to the on-forum Government.

Additionally, Parliament has been conducting an ongoing inquiry into recent military activity and whether it violated regional law. Standing Orders have also been debated heavily, with a proposal by the Speaker for changes in parliamentary procedure tabled amidst opposition on introducing bill committees, open statements and directions on how MP's should address one another. The Parliamentary Rules and Reform Act 2017 which, among other things, provided more scrutiny of the Government through routine inquiries, did manage to pass the House of Commons but has stalled in the House of Lords after objections from peers on its effectiveness.

A proposed amendment to the Administration Act to require Admins to release logs of Admin activity and be held publicly accountable was tabled earlier in the term after wide opposition.

After being requested to be the Government, Parliament has also debated repealing the Treaty of Carlisle with the Kingdom of Great Britain, following the recent revelations involving the regions leadership. The repeal vote passed Parliament unanimously.

A Government Update
And just like our Legislature, His Majesty's Government has also been putting in a lot of effort and energy to finish off this term strong.

The term began on a high note, continuing the progress that has been made during the past 2 Talleyrand terms. Culture activity at a high point, with the region meeting the highest monthly post count ever. The Government has put the region through multiple Hunger Games simulators and a game of Mafia/Werewolf is also ongoing with a UK twist: Infected vs Uninfected in 'Quarantine in the Commons'. The Government is also currently in discussions in the Argyll Conference with the Land of Kings and Emperors, which will focus on multiple areas, in particular a joint University system between the LKE and the UK. With the additional expansion of our foreign relationships and additional Home Office efforts for newcomers through a new Newcomer Guide and the Best Newcomer Award, this term has been one full of development and innovation.

Though one moment scared a member of the Cabinet when the Prime Minister announced he would be going on leave and left the government in the hands of *shivers* Jorge! Let's just say that certain cabinet member may or may not have written this article.

Shortly after the return of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet finalized work on a project to help preserve the history of United Kingdom. The Premiership Libraries were unveiled by the Prime Minister and citizens across the region visited each Library and were able to learn about previous Prime Ministers and their impact across United Kingdom. The Culture Office will also announce Culture participation awards to recognise citizens for their contributions to regional culture.

Now as the term begins to draw to a close and United Kingdom prepares to return to the polls, the Government of United Kingdom is proud of what it has done these past 2 months and the whole Cabinet looks forward to what's in store for the future.

  • United Kingdom surpasses 100,000 posts!
  • Prince of Wales remains safe inside Clarence House!
  • Welcome to new citizens: Attero,Duncan Fieldings,Dominic Asher, Dwayne Overbey, Cameron Harrison, and Emer!
  • Andrew B. Fraser not mentioned in an update for the first time ever!..... oh wait.


Thank you for reading!