Foreign Update V

The July Foreign Update
The Pact Of Friendship And Cooperation Between The Britannian Kingdom And The New United Kingdom:

On the 11th Day of July 2017, The Parliament of Britannia ratified a treaty of friendship and cooperation with the region of The New United Kingdom to further establish and strengthen the diplomatic ties that exist between them. The pact was positively received by the government and the people of both region and it tends to provide more opportunities for both sides to cooperate and get along with each other.
The pact is the first set of treaty/bi-lateral agreement to exist between The Britannian Kingdom and The New United Kingdom and it tends to lay the foundation for future agreement and cooperation between the government and the people of both region.

New Diplomatic Mission:

The Britannian Kingdom is happy to announce the establishment of an embassy and diplomatic relationship with the regions of The Realm Of Balder, Equinox, The Republic Of Europeia , Orisis and The Realm Of Albion. The government of The Kingdom Of Britannia is looking forward to further strengthen the newly established diplomatic relations.

Constitutional Amendment:

The Britannian Kingdom recently took action to adapt our regional Constitution to meet the changing needs of our population. In Amendment II to the Second Constitution of Britannia, the Britannian Parliament sought to first modernise the constituencies which MPs are elected to represent. Currently set as Northumbria, Mercia, Caledonia, Hibernia, and London, future MPs will now have the opportunity to choose their own constituency, so long as it is an actual place in the IRL United Kingdom. Additionally, the Parliament sought to balance out the process for further amendments to the Constitution. This saw the standards moved from 5 votes in Parliament (which currently only consists of 5 votes total, meaning the requirement was effectively unanimity) and 2/3 of voters in a referendum, to now be set at 2/3 of Parliament, and a majority of voters in a referendum.

While Amendment II was originally defeated in the public referendum stage, the Britannian Parliament maintained its commitment to the benefits provided, and so underwent the amendment process again, this time with the amendment achieving approval by a landslide in the public referendum, and solidified into law with the approval of the Prince Regent. Now, Parliament has moved on to a review of a separate portion of the Constitution, in an effort to balance the powers of the Monarchy to be more compatible with those of the People.