Foreign Update llll

(To note: One update was missed in this region due to errors on our end. Sorry about that. Just covered the cabinet + elections, and the cabinet is mostly outdated at this point.)

The following is the current version of the Fourth Merridel Foreign Update. Now is the opportunity to make any suggestions to it that you may have. The Update will be distributed on September 1st.


Merridel Foreign Update


High Council by-election

Due to the resignation of High Councilor Ervald, by-elections were required to be held. These elections were started on July 29th, when the Monarch, Patrick Ravenclaw, opened standing for said election. Only 2 candidates stood, however, Leo and Commander Snowball. Leo had been Lord Commander for a while up to that point, but other than that, neither candidate had any government experience in Merridel. Leo ran on a platform of fixing the Estate system to make it fair, and writing legislation on the administration of Merridel’s off-site communication. Comrade Snowball ran on a platform of expanding Merridel’s relations with other regions. The results were as follows:

Leo: 6
Comrade Snowball: 3
Reopen nominations: 2

Leo won the election with 54.5% of the vote.


Multiple treaties signed

On July 17th, a State Visit was held between the regions of Merridel and Olympia. At the end of the visit, it was revealed that a non-aggression pact had been agreed to between the two regions, to be confirmed by the legislative process. The treaty was ratified both regions, with Merridel approving it by a 2-0 majority.

Additionally, Europeia and Merridel agreed to a Status of Forces agreement, which was also ratified by both regions, with Merridel approving it by a 2-0 majority vote.​


This Foreign Update has been brought to you by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Merridel.