Roleplay Reel #2

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    While the summer has dealt a blow to activity in NationStates, The North Pacific Roleplay has managed to maintain an average amount of activity throughout the slump. In fact, this past month saw the return of the player Syrixia, who has been a longtime role player and whose nation plays a major role in the history and politics of Eras. This month has also seen an uptick in the activity of international alliances, with one being formed and another beginning to retain it's prior activity. This has also carried into the National Roleplay section, where five new threads have been posted. With all this being said, let's get into detail.

    In National Roleplay, many pivotal events have been transpiring that have a great chance of altering the political landscape of Eras as we know it. These events would be the creation of the Democratic People's Republic of Skanda, a Revolution among the Sundeonians in Kanada, and the Prydanian Civil War. The Socialist Republic of Skanda (SRS) was originally a nation that had formed during the 1950s, shortly after Skanda gained independence from Andrenne, it's colonial parent. The government, which was fervently communist, had plans of expansion into it's fellow nations in an attempt to conquer Iteria, the continent it resides on. However, after a war in the 1960s and a coup in the 1980s, the government was deposed in favor of a capitalist one. In spite of this, Misaka Tawanoa, the leader of Skanda, had sought to reestablish this communist state. So, after having dissolved her parliament the day before, Misaka Tawanoa declared Skanda to be communist once more on August 17th, creating the Democratic People's Republic of Skanda. This action has already been condemned by their neighbor, Takashima, which is currently a capitalist dictatorship. Another nation, the Merillian League, has decided to remain neutral in the scenario but is offering Skandan Ambassadors in the League asylum. All those that wish to return were allowed re-entry into Skanda. Meanwhile, in Kanada, the people of Sundeon (a province in Kanada) are revolting. Sundeon once was an independent state, but after a war with nearby Calgary, it was annexed to form what became modern day Kanada. Now, Sundeonian Nationalists have taken up arms against the Kanadian Government and retaken Fort Sean. This has caused the Malorian Emperor to send 3,000 soldiers to Kanada, a controversial move that sparked massive debate in the nation. Kanada is not the only nation in the Northeast that is undergoing turmoil, Prydania has just left a civil war that has damaged the nation. The nation, which was under Syndicalist Dictatorship, has been challenged by the traditional monarchy which ran the nation. This conflict has scarred the nation and hurt the people of Prydania drawing ire from the Pan-Gotic Union (PGU). Prydania, a nation of Gotic heritage, was in dire need of humanitarian aid. As this was the case, the reached out to the PGU for help. The PGU offered Prydania observer status in the organization, and many PGU nations have offered aid to Prydania. This has allowed the nation to begin the slow recovery process.

    In the negotiations sub forum, threads have seen a spike in activity as well. The most active organization in this past month has been, without a doubt, the PGU. This past month, the current Chancellor of the PGU (Jorgen Arnad, Goyanes) has appointed Jaever Staufenberg of the Hastfradic League as his Deputy Chancellor. Additionally, as has been stated before, they accepted the nation of Prydania into the PGU. Along with the admittance of Prydania to the PGU, a proposed humanitarian intervention may soon occur as many nations are already independently providing aid to the nation. The next most active organization this month was the Iterian League. An organization founded after a war which tore apart the continent of Iteria, the Iterian League serves as a non aggression pact and a forum on issues facing the continent. While the organization was founded back in the 1980s, the thread was created just this month and recently held elections for the Chairman of the Directorate (the governing organization of the league). Irad Yasur of Iraelia won the election and she appointed Yoshihama Tokaji of Takashima as her Deputy Chairman. They are set to have their first legislative session at the beginning of September. The last major organization which has been active this month is the Phoenix Union. With the return of the player Syrixia (who was the Grand Presiding Officer of the Phoenix Union), an election for the new Grand Presiding Officer was held. The candidates were from Sil Dorsett and the Equestrian Commonwealth. The candidate from Sil Dorsett won the election, making their representative the new GPO.

    Finally, this month, there was activity in regards to international sports. Grand Prix International, a car racing tournament in Eras, is set to begin soon. Sixteen groups from around the world will compete in the racing tournament. While the tournament has seen a lot of inactivity and setbacks, the tournament groupings have been finalized and the tournament is officially set to begin shortly.

    This has been Roleplay Reel #2.