Royal Messenger Volume 17

July 2017 Update

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson
Mayor of London: Lucas Windsor-Wessex

Crown Court Chief Judge: Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
Crown Court Judge: His Grace The Duke of Worcester
Prime Minister: Sir Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: Sir George Windsor-Wessex​
Home Secretary: Mike D. Pearson​
Foreign Secretary: Misael Wessex​
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend​
Culture Secretary: Sacul Astoria​
Attorney General: Matthew Williams​

Britons head to the Polls!

On 15 July, the citizens of United Kingdom headed to their local polling station and cast their vote to select a Prime Minister and five Members of Parliament. The election saw a total of 7 citizens, both new and old, campaign to earn the people's votes and a seat in Parliament.

The Prime Ministerial race was contested by current Prime Minister Akillian Talleyrand and former Cabinet Minister Misael Wessex. In the end, Akillian Talleyrand won the race with over 70 percent of the vote and was able to secure a third mandate as Prime Minister!

The race for Parliament returned incumbents Akillian Talleyrand and Mike Pearson to their seats as well as the return of former MPs Andrew B. Fraser and Misael Wessex. Longdendale, a former culture minister and now deputy secretary saw himself being elected into Parliament for the first time, coming in second on the ballot with a 19.2% of the votes cast in his favour.

[table=4,July 2017 General Election]Office[c]Candidates[c]Party[c]Results[c]Prime Minister[c]Misael Wessex
Akillian Talleyrand[c]Independent
Pragmatic Alliance[c]8 (28.6%)
20 (71.4%) ELECTED
[c]Member of Parliament[c]Misael Wessex
Akillian Talleyrand
Mike D. Pearson
Andrew B. Fraser
Vedant Medan
Pragmatic Alliance
Pragmatic Alliance
Common Sense
Pragmatic Alliance
Pragmatic Alliance
Independent[c]18 (12.3%) ELECTED
29 (19.9%) ELECTED
21 (14.4%) ELECTED
20 (13.7%) ELECTED

15 (10.3%)
28 (19.2%) ELECTED
15 (10.3%)

United Kingdom celebrates 50 Sessions of Parliament!

On July 18th, His Majesty King Charles III travelled to the Palace of Westminster to open the next session of Parliament, this one however holds a special place in the hearts of citizens as United Kingdom has reached its 50th Session of Parliament!

A gala was held in the Palace and both current and former MPs and Lords returned to the halls of Westminster to celebrate this special occasion. Below you can find some memorable speeches delivered by honoured guests.

HRH Prince James
It is a pleasure to be back here and addressing you all, in the place which is most dear to me, as it celebrates this momentous occasion.

I first entered it's doors during the thirty-second Parliament having been elected to serve the people of Wales as their Member in Parliament. This was at the time of the unicameral legislature, where both Lords and Members of Parliament sat together. To be elected after being unsuccessful a number of times before was an immense privilege and I was proud to serve alongside figures of great stature in the region, not least Sir Andrew B. Fraser, who had been Prime Minister for the majority of my time in the region at that time. To be a relative newcomer and receive the confidence of our community to serve is a very joyous feeling, which I know many will be familiar with.

It was a further privilege still to be nominated by Sir Andrew to be Speaker and subsequently elected by parliamentary colleagues. The role is an important one; to facilitate debate and give a voice to the least powerful against the most. Being Speaker was a duty I enjoyed immensely, not always the easiest, but certainly a pleasure.

From that position I have had the honour to serve many more times as an elected Member and in the House of Lords to Queen Constance and my father, His Majesty the King. Indeed, my father and I served alongside each other on numerous occasions in Parliament and I know that that time invokes warm memories with him as it does me.

Parliament is the centre stage of the region. A place where those from the most humblest of beginnings can make their mark. It has the power to craft a mere novice into a fine statesmen, which is evident from our rich history.

Those who sit in Parliament should know that they are walking well trodden paths. Most of the greatest servants to this region, living and dead, have at one point graced the halls of this Palace. Legislation which has crafted our United Kingdom, making it the pinnacle of British-themed regions, has been made and debated within these walls. A legal system which stands as the greatest you will discover in Nationstates, has been meticulously woven together by acts from this building.

We have much to be proud of in our Parliament. It has created the basis for the rights, privileges and freedoms we enjoy here today. It is a testament to the efforts of countless men and women who have given themselves to service of our legislature that we are now at the fiftieth session. Here is to fifty more.

Prime Minister Sir Akillian Talleyrand
Your Majesties, Your Highness, Distinguished Guests, Citizens of the United Kingdom,

Thank you all very much for being here as we celebrate the United Kingdoms democracy. Over the years, thanks to the individuals who have graced these chambers, our democracy has survived the test of time and has shaped the United Kingdom as it is today. It is the legislature that the people speak through their elected representatives and it is the legislature that enacts the people's agenda. This isn't necessarily the people's will on every policy matter, but it is their will that they elect their representatives to debate openly, honestly and even fiercely, on the issues surrounding our region. If our representatives can be trusted to use their experience, their ideas, and debate with one another, without fear of suppression or interference from above, then we don't only pass or defeat a law, but we create a fair and inclusive region for us all. Across NationStates, the United Kingdom stands tall in allowing that to happen. If our people and their representatives can be allowed to have a say in the way their region is run, if they can be given the individual power to shape the way the region is governed, then they will reward us with their activity and spirit. This has kept the United Kingdom alive to this day. It has saw us achieve a record breaking post count and activity in the previous month as citizens have got involved and gave us their ideas, their talents and their voice.

Despite the differences we may have, despite the arguments over various ideas, our Parliament stands up as a voice for all citizens and one which I am honoured to serve in. Not every region builds itself on the foundations of democracy and on giving citizens a voice. Power is vested in a few, separation of powers does not exist and institutions are artificial. Citizens are driven away and activity dries up but the status quo is preserved. Well not in the United Kingdom. Our citizens don't feel like they can't have a say. Those elected can govern freely and we can enjoy the benefits of an open and fair process. Whether it is over a law proposal or in the conduct of politics, we may have the occasional fights and squabbles, but we should all appreciate what our region offers. We pay tribute today to those who have dedicated themselves to ensuring our Parliament is the beacon of democracy. This starts with His Majesty but it goes much further back in time to those who have built our institutions and served in them, some still today. You have my sincere thanks for believing in these values and what a region should be about. In the past, our region may have been down but it was never out because principles endured and people worked together.

I don't say this just for the sake of giving a nice speech. I sincerely pay tribute to how the United Kingdom operates which I know is't the norm in NationStates and I thank and appreciate those who have ensured and continue to ensure the United Kingdom is what it is. With dedication to the ideals of Parliamentary democracy, the United Kingdom has flourished and it is this that we celebrate today. Let us all reaffirm our dedication to such as we reach this impressive landmark of a 50th Parliament.

Thank you

Andrew B. Fraser (Yep, we still can't get him out of our Updates :P )
Your Majesty, Prince of Wales, Prime Minister, distinguished Lords and MPs, and fantastic people of United Kingdom: we made it!

Forty-nine glorious sessions of Parliament have passed, and now we enter the milestone fiftieth session. Politicians, leaders, strategists, and even a few no-gooders have been elected to our legislature during the history of this esteemed place. I’ve seen our most bright, charismatic, and loyal MPs come and go during my twenty-one sessions in our Parliament, and it’s truly something beautiful to behold. I’m so very proud of how far we’ve come since my first election, many years ago. We’ve saved the region, evolved it, and yes, at times we’ve hindered it, but at the end of the day a region built on good intentions and a strong sense of democracy shall never fail!

Fitting of our milestone session, we have a decent collection of new and old MPs, as well as a majority-female House of Lords; something to be proud of! I have no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the most interesting sessions yet, with an economy on the cards, referenda debates to ensue, and so much more. Aren’t we in for the ride of our lives!

This community means a lot to a number of people, and it’s brilliant that we can celebrate our heritage together in this way. So here’s to fifty more sessions! See you then!

Second British Hunger Games!

During the month of July, the Culture Office held the Second British Hunger Games on the regional forums. This time around, British Citizens and politicians battled to the death in order to win.

As the battles began, it was clear that this time around a citizen could actually win the games unlike the previous ones where Mr.Bean came out victorious. While citizens improved their scores, the ultimate winner was Angela Merkel. But to make up for another disappointment to all those participating :P Longdendale was the highest ranking citizen, coming in on 3rd place for the overall leaderboard!

Parliament gets to Work!

For the past 49 Sessions, the Parliament of United Kingdom has been working to create a better place for the citizens of the region and the 50th Session is no different. Following the State Opening of Parliament, His Majesty the King announced that Victoria Stewart, Baroness Kensington would remain as Lord Speaker and was followed by the Commons electing Mike D. Pearson as Speaker.

During the first days of the session, the House of Commons debated a proposed Administrator amendment that would have our administration team release records of activity every month for public viewing. While the amendment caused some good debates, it was eventually tabled by MPs.

At this time, the House of Commons is debating a new Standing Orders to serve as the guidelines for the chamber and both Houses are participating in a joint inquiry regarding a recent military operation. The joint inquiry is expected to help deliver answers to unanswered questions in the coming days. We'll make sure to keep you all updated!

A Letter from the Prime Minister
It's a pleasure to address you in The Royal Messenger, something I did back in Volume 13 (yes, they've been stuck with me since then!). The UK has had an exciting couple of months as we achieved in July our highest ever post count on our forum, which has been in place since 2014. The talented, smart, capable and hardworking members of my Cabinet, plus Culture Secretary Sacul, have worked to create an active and engaging political and cultural scene that is open to all across NationStates! (Just kidding Sacul ;) )

As we move forward, we look forward to working with you, our friends and allies, in diplomatic, military and cultural pursuits. We will continue to provide updates for you about the United Kingdom with The Royal Messenger. Should anything arise, please don't hesitate to contact HM Government.

I'd like to thank the most impressive Foreign Secretary the region has seen for writing this update.....wait, this wasn't supposed to be in my script....Misael!!!!!.....I'd like to thank you all for reading The Royal Messenger!

  • Last month sees record breaking post total!
  • King Charles and Queen Georgina celebrate their one year anniversary
  • New Citizens of August, Vortchov M. Andravde, Charles Watson-Turing-Donald, William Kudrow, Sarah St. Adelaide and IAF make introductions to the region and make themselves at home.
  • United Kingdom to try an economy.......again, as Mayor of London appoints first Bank of England Governor and economy is approved by the London Council.
  • President Andrew B. Trump's Administration falls into chaos as he fires Director of Communications Akillian Scaramucci and fights with Attorney General Matthew Sessions. Secretary of State James Tillerson hides in office as Crooked Victoria Stewart celebrates loudly (amazing the things that go on in the shoutbox!)


Thank you for reading!