How to fit in The North Pacific

Hello. My name is Justin Wong, President of Malayan Singapura. I joined the TNP since April 2017, yet I am a long way from fitting in. Whether you immigrated here or just started in the game of NationStates, this guide is for you! So come with me new members as you and I will go and see... How to fit in The North Pacific over the course of my observations. :tnp:

Part 1: The regional message board

When you arrive in the TNP, this is probably where you'd want to start unless you are a veteran of the game. It is very contrasting. There is an activity that makes up most of the TNP's apart from elections: Roleplaying. Here in the RMB it is complete CANCER. This place has a few intellectual conversations most of the time but often than not, there are usually roleplaying of all kinds: Magic, Trade, Space, Special domestic events and war. Usually most people there have a military size based on political alliances and population size not to mention armed forces size. Two of the most dominant subregional alliances in the RMB are called N8T0 and the Warsaw Pact.

I will start with N8T0: A group of kingdoms and democracies with their leader being the United States of Aldion, ruled in a special constitutional democracy where the royal family controls the executive and everything else is by the people who smart enough for sensible freedoms but not bright enough to get the vote for executive leaders, according to their monarchy. RMB USA in short

On the other side is the Warsaw pact, a subregion with communists and dictatorships with the Apparently Soviet Union of the Sanada Clan in charge. With a huge population and an impenetrable armed forces, ruled by Lord Gray, the queen of the communist regime, fighting Sanada head on is suicide. Take it from me. I pissed her off and I had to banish myself from the RMB for one year. RMB Russia

The RMB China, second in command of the Warsaw pact is Kyoki Chudoku, ruled by Aozora their "Supreme Lady of all Reality". As Aozora has a... good relationship with Lord Gray, a common term in the RMB is Grayozora (YURI INTENSIFIES). Kyoki Chudoku is renowned for Tasty poison cookies, some magic called Tenshi, acting Tsundere like a Japanese Schoolgirl and total insane acts in her nations. But that is her alter ego. What lies inside is an actually smart persn who questions about everything. Like me for instance, She's confused on whether I am a tyrant or not as I treat criminals like dead meat.

There are a few other active people: The Ahkara Islands(RMB Poland, cos many partitions), Necerierra (Frenemy with everyone, assumed to be number 3 in the Warsaw Pact), Empire of Friently (Warsaw pact member, but does not bow down to Lord Gray for some reason), Moristia (Sometime he show up and gives away tasty cakes), Antiyard (Military muscle of N8T0, but sometimes takes too long to respond), Strayatuckey (Redneck english, acts like nomads trying to settle down) and Strombolia (Troll, so arm your comebacks and burns quickly) just to name a few.

If you want a place with no regards to the laws of space-time, science and is active the RMB is for you. Just watch what you say like everywhere else
where was I ? The RMB's specialty of RPing includes Deep space exploration, war on the world map, diplomatic visits, sudden news like rebellion in your country and some casual talk. recommended for people who dont want to be restraint by rules. but be warned. it can rack up to more than 500 posts over a 24 hour period. so be careful

St George

I must admit to finding this guide intriguing. It is supposed to help a new person fit into 'the TNP' and it is being written by someone who admits in the first post they themselves don't fit it.

Tell me, brave author, how do you reconcile this?
you know what. i screwed this topic up with just one word. can smeeone delete this plese. im just gonna watch and observe how the TNP moves in one week then maybe i can make something out of it ok ?
ok i made my mind. i would someone to delete this. then i would watch and observe a different part of TNP for a whole day. type that in a notepad document. then after i edit it to make no one offended i post it under another name. is that ok ? if there is no objections, squash this failed topic plesse ?