Royal Messenger Volume 16

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson

Crown Court Chief Judge: Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
Crown Court Judge: His Grace the Duke of Worcester
Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: George Windsor​
Home Secretary: South Boston Irishmen​
Foreign Secretary: George Windsor​
Defence Secretary: Edward Windsor​
Culture Secretary: Sacul Astoria​
Attorney General: South Boston Irishmen​

United Kingdom Welcomes Arda en' Estel!
Written by: George Windsor

On 19th June, passengers from United Kingdom and Arda en' Estel were devastated as their plane crashed and they became stranded on an island. The King and Queen were both on the plane, as well as most of the Government and many more citizens. They have been working together to try and survive.

They have been there for some times. Longendale (King of Spam) set fire to himself and the smell of cooking spam led to him being bitten a shark. So far they have toughed it out, by how long will it last?

Happy Birthday to His Majesty The King!
Written by: George Windsor
From 17th June, United Kingdom has been hosting an array of festive celebrations in honour of His Majesty's Birthday. The people have been treated to the annual 'Trooping of the Colour', where His Majesty was joined by Queen Georgiana, in watching the Coldstream Guards take their turn to showcase their parade skills on Horse Guards parade. The event finished with a speech by the Prime Minister and His Majesty The King.

On 18th June, His Majesty issued the Birthday Honours List. Sacul Astoria and Longendale were awarded the Order of Merit for their continued work to keep the region entertained. The Prime Minister, Akillian Talleyrand, was appointed as a Knight Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his continued service to the region. Finally, for her continued service within the House of Lords, Baroness Kensington was appointed as a Dame Commander of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

19th June saw the eight members of the Most Noble Order of the Garter parade around Windsor Castle, led by His Majesty The King. We hope that His Majesty has enjoyed his Birthday and the many events that he has attended.

Treaty of Westminster
Written by: Akillian Talleyrand
At the beginning of this month, the United Kingdom ratified the Treaty of Westminster with Europeia, which establishes a formal military and diplomatic alliance between both regions. The treaty was positively received by citizens of both sides and provides many opportunities for engagement that will be of mutual interest to those involved.

Cooperation between the United Kingdom and Europeia had been ongoing for over a year, with several previous agreements made, before the ratification of a formal treaty. Prime Minister Talleyrand hosted the then President of Europeia, Darness for a State Visit to negotiate the Treaty, which also included an address to the British Parliament and a State Dinner hosted by His Majesty, Charles III.

The Treaty passed the House of Commons with all members in favour and begins a new chapter in UK-Europeia relations.

New Embassies
Written by: George Windsor

United Kingdom would like to take a moment to announce that we have now opened embassies with the following regions: The Britannian Kingdom, Olympia and the New United Kingdom. We are extremely pleased that we have been able to extend the hand of friendship and look forward to working with these regions as we expand our circle of friends.

Check Us Out!
Written by: George Windsor

We are pleased to announce that we have now created our NationStates Embassy thread! The goal of this page is for us to present events which are occurring within the region in order to keep the world up to date. Updates will be posted in line with our Foreign Updates and when major events occur.