Royal Messenger Volume 15

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson

Crown Court Chief Judge: Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford and York
Crown Court Judge: His Grace the Duke of Worcester
Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: George Windsor​
Home Secretary: James Cain​
Foreign Secretary: George Windsor​
Defence Secretary: Edward Windsor​
Culture Secretary: Sacul Astoria​
Attorney General: Jan van Dijk​

General Election!
Written by: George Windsor
On Friday 5th May, citizens of United Kingdom wandered down to the ballot boxes once again, this time, for the General Election. There were a variety of candidates standing, with 10 hopefuls playing a game of musical chairs for one of the final five seats in Parliament. The Pragmatic Alliance put forward the largest field of candidates, followed by the independents and the British Democratic Party and The Peoples' Party only fielding one, respectively.

There was a lack of campaigning from many candidates, prompting Her Grace The Duchess of Bedford & York to propose legislation requiring candidates to campaign in future or face being culled from the ballot - whether her proposal gets introduced is yet to be seen.

Anyway, onto the results. Akillian Talleyrand, Regionia, Mike D. Pearson and Tomb Montresor were all successful in their bid to be re-elected, no one really knows why. A newcomer, Reborn, was also successful in being elected. Surprisingly, all those elected are members of the Pragmatic Alliance, prompting speculation that their leader, Akillian, has committed some kind of electoral fraud. I think we should throw him in the stocks, personally.

Finally, the battle for Prime Minister. This one was just an uneventful as the campaigns for Parliament. Akillian was up against Bob Billson; guess who won. I bet you're thinking Bob did; well you're wrong. Akillian won. Don't you feel silly?

On the Field of Battle..
Written by: Edward Windsor
Over the past term, the Ministry of Defence has pushed forward with a revitalisation effort for the UK Armed Forces. This included a review of HM United Kingdom Armed Forces operational history as well as a review of current members of the forces. As a result of the review, and a set of new UKAF operational objectives, interest began to rise and the Armed Forces saw a flurry of new recruits enlist.

The Armed Forces got their first taste of battle in quite some time when they participated in a joint operation with LKE, Albion, Europeia and the Black Hawks against the region 'the Union of Red Nations'. Whilst the take off of additional operations has been slow, the Ministry of Defence is currently in talks with various other regions across NS and is beginning preperations for more missions this term. The Secretary of Defence, Edward Windsor, has stated that he hopes to achieve a minimum of 1 mission a week, a big step up from previous operational activity.

A Mayor for London?
Written by: George Windsor

The House of Commons is currently debating a proposal to establish a municipal government for London. The authority could have control over all subfora in the London area of the forums, it's own City Council with the power to issue Ordinances.

The London Charter, as the act is unofficially known as, establishes the office of the Mayor of London, who will act as the chief executive of the subfora. It also appears that the authority will also have its own Courts, but shall remain inferior to the Crown Court. We'll keep you updated, on what could be an exciting addition to United Kingdom life.

Written by: George Windsor

We would like to welcome Benjamin Buttons and Albion Blue to our Ambassadorial team! Benjamin has been commissioned as our Ambassador to Arda en' Estel and Albion Blue has been assigned to The North Pacific.



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