Motion of Concern over the Secretary General

St George

RolePlay Moderator
Deputy Speaker
He/Him, They/Them
The following delegations note with concern a lack of activity and leadership by the current Secretary-General of the Assembly of Nations the International Association of Nations and request the greater dedication to the fulfilment of the role of Secretary-General or the immediate reselection of the Secretary-General by the Council of Nations of the International Association of Nations:
  • Maria Jose Remos, Representative of Tolima;
  • Dean Redman, Representative of Calico;
  • JMWP Medvedev, Representative of Cogoria;
  • Consul Johanna Jura Augustus, Representative of Imperium Augusta and Council of Nations member;
  • Akira Ann, Representative of Sankami;
  • Regis Giquel, Representative of Sil Dorsett;
  • Shinu G'val, Representative of the Stan Yera;
  • Subhas Chandra Patel, Representative of Syrixia and Council of Nations member;
  • EVA-IAN-0001,Representative of Trinster