The Union of Democratic States Embassy Request

Name of your region: The Union of Democratic States
Link to your region's forums:
Head of Government: Zion Imperium
Head of State: The Noble Thatcherites
Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Khevo
Short description of your region: The Union of Democratic States (UDS) is a moderately sized region that is a proud semi-direct democracy, that is a defender region. We pride our laws above everything else, and we are working to build our regional militia. We are members of the FORGE alliance and recently pulled out of another alliance in order to pursue other foreign interests. We are extremely excited to possibly having a forum embassy with TNP, as we value TNP as quite possible the best region on NationStates.
Will your region post regular Foreign Updates: Yes, of course.
Hello! You all ask for updates so here is my first update of the region! Here is the recently published copy of the Union Post, one of our regional newspapers. It comes with extremely important information! Here is the issue: Headlines include details about our PM that recently won an election in the FORGE cultural and military alliance. Another headlines discusses the April fools joke and another headline discusses the regional legislature! I encourage anyone who is interested in UDS affairs to give this a read!


Hi guys! Just an update on what's going on in the region right now, we are currently undergoing an election season that is hotly contested with only one candidate running unopposed. We are also pleased to report that the UDSAF has recently seen a larger amount of activities, and while behind schedule the Raider/Defender Games(hosted by yours truly) have gone on pretty successfully & in my opinion have been pretty fun!