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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Arthur Jameson

Crown Court Chief Judge: Lady Constance St. James
Crown Court Judge: Lord Edward Stewart
Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand​
Deputy Prime Minister: George Windsor​
Home Secretary: Jan van Dijk​
Foreign Secretary: Tomb Montresor​
Defence Secretary: Edward Windsor​
Culture Secretary: Sacul Astoria​
Attorney General: Jan van Dijk​

Treaty with The Allied States

The United Kingdom is pleased to expand its relations with The Allied States. Following negotiations between the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary, with the Chancellor of The Allied Stated, the Treaty of Alliance was signed between both regions. While both regions had elections during treaty discussions and the ratification, that didn’t stop either side managing to negotiate successfully.

The Treaty of Alliance provides diplomatic, military and cultural opportunities for engagement and will help advance the foreign policy of both regions.

Constituency Battles

At the start of the Government’s term, the Culture Department announced ‘Constituency Battle’ as the region's main cultural initiative. All UK citizens are divided into the four old electoral constituencies; Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and compete for points through their cultural participation. The simplest way to earn points is by posting but through games, quizzes and other initiatives, the Culture Department also facilitates participation.

As of right now, Scotland leads the way with England coming a close second. Northern Ireland is further behind, with Wales currently in last place. However, the battle is far from over and with a Team Quiz scheduled, there is plenty of opportunities to gain more points if the team can combine their general knowledge well.

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games arrived in the UK last month and many citizens (as well as some well known TV characters) battled to the death. In the end there could only be one winner, and rather surprisingly, the winner was Mr Bean. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the citizenry, the highest ranked citizen was 9th. Del Boy, Susan Harper and Manuel from Fawlty Towers were just some of the characters to finish ahead.

As described up by the Prime Minister, it turns out the citizens of the UK are a “useless bunch” and we’ll certainly need to work on our survival skills - some of us more than others, like those who die from hunger after a day. *cough* SBI *cough*


To celebrate those who made contributions to the region's media and entertainment, the BAFTA’s were awarded in the UK last month. New citizen Regionia, who quickly began his own private media and has recently been appointed BBC Director General, won the award for Best Outstanding Debut. Prince James won the award for B?s? G?????? D?s?????, while South Boston Irishmen won the award for Best Overall Entertainer. Jan van Dijk, a former Director General of the BBC and producer of Hard Talk won the award for Best Overall Journalism. Jan also won the premier award of the night and took home the Fellowship. Thankfully all presenters were hands the correct envelopes and it was a great award show.

Goings on in Parliament

Last term, the United Kingdom changed for constituency elections to an at-large election, which was an exciting change. This term Parliament has been dealing with amendments to make sure all laws are in order. So far an amendment to the Election Act (2016) and the Parliamentary Rules Act (2011) have been given assent by the King.

Parliament has also passed the Judicial Power Act Amendment III, a suggestion of the Chief Judge as well as an amendment to the Defence Act. Along with Treaty business, there has been several items on the agenda for MP’s and Lords. Additionally, the resignation of Andrew B. Fraser as an MP, Speaker elections were held. Jan van Dijk, MP for Fermanagh, was subsequently elected.


The UK recently witnessed two special elections for the House of Commons following the retirement of Lord Andrew B. Fraser from politics and the removal of MP Sandy P. Mack due to inactivity. Andrew B. Fraser announced his retirement from regional politics on March 22nd ending his political involvement in the region and leaving behind a legacy of unmatched dedication and hard work. Soon after, a special election was called by King Charles, and candidates sprung up for the challenge. The race was contested by Arthur Jameson, Regionia, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Bob Billson, each providing the region with a viable and appealing campaign. Central topics of focus were the UK-TAS treaty, regional sovereignty, and government accountability. Arthur Jameson would go on to win the special election and rejoin the House of Commons as MP for Durham.

The second special election came as a result of Sandy P. Mack’s removal due to inactivity. Standing for election new citizens Mike Pearson and Bob Billson. They were joined by long time UK veteran SBI. Highlighted topics for this election were experience, connection with the citizenry, and activity. Following a hotly contested campaigning period, Mike Pearson would go on to win in a landslide victory beating his nearest opponent by 8 votes.

March 2017 By-Election
Arthur Jameson (CS) - 9 votes - Elected
Regionia (UL) - 3 Votes
Bob Billson (TPP) - 3 vote
Jacob Rees-Mogg (Ind) - 7 votes
Charles Kensington (Ind) - 0 votes
[hr]April 2017 By-Election
South Boston Irishmen (SF) - 4 Votes
Mike Pearson (PA) - 12 Votes - Elected
Bob Billson (TPP) - 3 votes
[hr]Key: PA - Pragmatic Alliance | TPP - The People’s Party | CS - Common Sense | SF - Sinn Fein | Ind - Independent

World Assembly Delegate

Following Lord Andrew B. Fraser’s resignation as World Assembly Delegate, King Charles issued a decree appointing Arthur Jameson as the next World Assembly Delegate of the United Kingdom. While Arthur is no new member to the region, having served as Acting Prime Minister at one point among various other posts, this will be his first time serving as the WAD of the UK. Since taking office, Arthur Jameson has brought an active, efficient leadership style to the World Assembly Bureau with discussion and voting threads constantly put out on time. With an active administrator and an engaged citizenry, it will be interesting to see the World Assembly Bureau’s progress over the coming weeks.