UNN Issue III (Foreign Update)

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The Universal Allegiance Foreign Update Issue III​
Regional Info
Founder: The Cloud Peoples
Founded on: 13/05/2014
[table=2,]Lollerland[c]Chancellor and WA Delegate[c]Yusukistan[c]Vice Chancellor and Minister For Internal Affairs[c]Satya Romefeller[c]Minister For Armed Forces[c]Plasma Familiars[c]Minister For World Assembly Affairs[c]Lord Emmanuel[c]Minister For Foreign Affairs[c]Harndar[c]Secretary For Roleplays[c]Kanosus[c]Leader of The Assembly[/table]
January Elections
January started with Chancellor elections in The Universal Allegiance. Nomination process ran for five days during which four citizens nominated themselves as candidates. Voting started on January 14 and ended on January 17th. Lollerland who was then the Chancellor won the election once again and was reelected as the Chancellor of The Universal Allegiance.
Lollerland - 8
Remalandia - 1
The ICR - 0
Plasma Familiars - 0
Regional Flag Competition!

The Universal Allegiance's Ministry For Internal Affairs organized a Regional Flag Competition to find out who has the best/most creative national flag. Numerous Citizens participated in the contest and at the end Lord Emmanuel emerged as the victor through popular vote!

by Euthrasia

by Freedomism Land

by Lollerland

by Victorius Vilgospa

by The Islamic Canadian Republic
The Universal Allegiance Marine Corps
by Freedomism Land

Recently, after several attempts beforehand, the Marine Corps where officially launched. Applications started on January 20th, and in the short time after, the Marines have seen growth and immense success. Most of the applicants were first time raiders without a clue to what raiding entailed. Under the leadership of the Minister for Armed Forces, Satya Romefeller, recruits were trained and can now participate in military operations with the best of them. The first successful operation took place on January 29th, a mere nine days after applications started. Marines have undertaken numerous operations with esteemed regions, such as The Mafia, Arda en Estel, and The Black Hawks. There's no doubt the Marine Corps have come a long way, and will certainly keep going.
Roleplay Month
March 2017 was announced as the Roleplay month of the year. In the past, Roleplay months were conducted regularly in The Universal Allegiance. In an attempt to bring new life to the roleplay community of the region, Secretary For Roleplays Harndar announced the return of Roleplay Month. Citizens are given prizes and awards at the end of the Roleplay Month based on their activity, contribution and quality of roleplaying.
The Tresmanian War (IC)
The 2nd Plasmarian Civil War (IC)
Asparg travels to Adamenia (IC)
The Legend of the Alliance (IC)
Accidental Nuclear Explosion (IC)
The Marriage of Two Nations (Hetalia)
The Cascadia Intimation (OOC)
The Last Ships (OOC)
World of Vapor (OOC)
Star Wars - Episode VII.V.I (OOC)
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