The Royal Messenger Volume 12

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Regional Government
[table=2,]Monarch: HM King Charles III
Consort: HM Queen Georgiana
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince James

WA Delegate: Queen Georgiana

Crown Court Chief Judge: Lady Constance St. James
Crown Court Judge: Lord Edward Stewart
Prime Minister: Lord Andrew B. Fraser​
Deputy Prime Minister: Tomb Montresor​
Home Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand​
Foreign Secretary: Lady Elena​
Defence Secretary: Writinglegend​
Culture Secretary: George Mountbatten​
Attorney General: Alexander Mountbatten​
A familiar face's induction into the Hall of Fame
Andrew B. Fraser, a name that should be familiar to any avid reader of The Royal Messenger, since we can't stop mentioning him, has recently had his induction into the United Kingdom Hall of Fame announced by the Culture Secretary, George Mountbatten, in what is supposed to be the first of several new inductions to revitalise interest in the Hall of Fame and award long-term member of the region.

The Hall of Fame, which has only had one inductee since 2013, currently includes names like Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, South Boston Irishmen, longest serving Prime Minister and household name in UK politics, and George VII, former Monarch, Prime Minister and Chief Justice, and one of UK's most bright legal minds.

Andrew is thus joining the Hall of Fame no only for his long tenure as a citizen of the United Kingdom and his contributions as one, but for the role he has had in shaping the United Kingdom for several years in many roles. He's the second longest serving Prime Minister, former Prince of Wales, former Administrator and many times Minister and member of Parliament.

Reaffirmation of the Treaty of Carlisle
The United Kingdom and The Kingdom of Great Britain have recently come together again, in a state visit held in The Kingdom of Great Britain, to reaffirm the treaty between the two regions and to continue to strengthen the ties between both regions.

Both regions share strong diplomatic ties, being, of course, both British themed regions and arguably the two largest British regions in Nationstates today. With a varied history, both regions have at times share between each other many illustrious members and have had a long history of cooperation between each other, considering the Treaty of Carlisle has been in place since 2015.

The Treaty of Carlisle was also revised to include military cooperation under it's purview. Even thought the militaries of both regions had already been openly cooperating, this was not covered in the previous version of the treaty. Articles on further cultural cooperation and on ensuring better communication between both regions were also added.

Look at this stamp!
Like many other regions throughout the Nationstates Universe, the United Kingdom also took part in the fifth Nationstates World Fair. We have made our badge available in this update in case you visited our booth but missed our own badge!

The badge depicts the current monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles III, and was created by Prince James, the Prince of Wales.

In Other News

* Regional population surpasses the 300's again, after a large recruitment drive sponsored by Prime Minister Andrew B. Fraser, and continues to rise. *

* Tomb Montresor elected to the House of Commons after George Seymour is impeached for his lack of activity. *

* Recently returned member, Sandy P. Mack, appointed as the BBC Director General, a role in which he had already previously served in. *​


On behalf of the United Kingdon, thank you for reading!