The Britannian Kingdom Administration Center

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1st Premiership of Britannia
[hr]The Monarchy[hr]Sovereign:
HIBM King Alexander IV
Consort: HM Queen Kellie
Prince of Wales: HIRH Sebastian Mountbatten
Prince of Ireland: HRH Adolf Mountbatten
[hr]HM Civil Executive Government[hr]Prime Minister: Arthur Jameson
Deputy Prime Minister William Mountbatten
Home Secretary: Lord Edward Windsor
Foreign Secretary: HIRH Sebastian Mountbatten
Culture Secretary: Levi Jansen
Attorney General: Albert Philips[hr]Supreme Court[hr]Lady Chief Justice: Georgiana Stewart
Sr. Associate Justice: Vacant
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant​
[hr]Region Summary[hr]

September 11th, 2016
Reigning House: The Imperial House of Mountbatten
Regional Power: Medium[hr]
[hr]NationStates Page
Discord Chat Server
2nd Session of Parliament
[hr]Speaker of Parliament:
Albert Philips[hr]
[hr]Lords Temporal:[hr]Lord Mountbatten of Rothesay
Lord Windsor of Cornwall
Lord Mountbatten of Richmond, Lennox, and Gordon

[hr]Members of Parliament:[hr]Albert Philips of Northumbria (GC-ES)
Arthur Jameson of Mercia (GC-ES)
William Mountbatten of Caledonia (GC-F)
Karl Spitzer of Hibernia (UWC-CLA)
Levi Jansen of London (UWC-U)

HM Government: Grand Coalition
HM Most Loyal Opposition: United We Can Coalition
[hr]Royal Household Staff[hr]Lord Chamberlain: HIRH Sebastian Mountbatten
Director of Royal Communications: Vacant
Lord High Steward: Vacant​