TNP RP: A Discord Server

Discussion in 'Role Play' started by St George, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Hi, The RP moderators have decided that it would be best to bring our wild and wonderful world to a new RP moderator managed Discord server. There's channels for the all the major alliances and also RP mentoring available if you need help. This is part of the results of RP mods discussions on the state of TNP RP and where to go from here.

    Don't hesititate to ping a RP Mod if you need help, and when entering the server. If you could tell them what alliances you're members of at the same time, that'll help keep the masking process clean and simple. Happy flying. :)

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    Join up, folks!
  3. Flakey

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    But I can't! It says "INVITE EXPIRED"! :cry: