Foreign Update(Jan 2017)


Population: 151(Up from 60)
Founder: Cloud Peoples
Chancellor: Lollerland
WA Delegate: Lollerland
Minister For Internal Affairs: Yusukistan
Minister For Information: Ankshara
Minister for World Assembly Affairs: Fliavania
Secretary For Roleplays: Yamakami
Leader of the Assembly: Kanosus
From the Chancellor's desk

First of all I would like to thank you for taking time to read this update. The Universal Allegiance was once a pretty big region with a population above 250 nations, but this was not the case when I was elected to be the Chancellor of our great region almost two months. Both our RMB and offsite forum was going through a big phase of inactivity, new nations were no more joining us because of a non existing recruitment campaign, our regional population become as low as 60, in short at that point the future of TUA was not looking bright. But one thing TUA has never lost is it's core community consisting of people who have through ages made strong and long lasting bonds of friendship.

I am proud to say that TUA is coming back, stronger than before. We crossed the primary population target of 100 nations and also crossed the secondary target of 120 and is currently standing at a population of 130 nations. We have done great leaps in foreign affairs with establishing relations with some of the strongest regions in the game. The Universal Allegiance also joined Coalition Against Ideology of Nazism with an aim to wipe out Nazism from NationStates. So yeah, it's safe to say we have had one of the best terms in a long time.

I wish you all a prosperous term, just like the one we had :P

Chancellor/WA Delegate
Bills approved by The Peoples Assembly:-
Coalition Against Ideology of Nazism Treaty
Leader of the Assembly Act
Bill of Rights
Establishing new realtions
The Universal Allegiance established embassies with some of the biggest regions of NationStates. Following is a list of regions we established forum embassies with recently:-
The West Pacific
The North Pacific
The Allied States
Interestingly, all of these regions except The Allied States are also signatories of the recently formed Coalition Against Ideology of Nazism. The Universal Allegiance hopes to increase it's influence in foreign affairs by building strong foreign relations.
Art Competition
An art competition was held in our forum by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in which our creative and artistic citizens were asked to submit anything that they made which can be called as art. First place was tied between Yamakami and Kanosus while Harndar secured the second place, the third position was again a tie between Ankshara(aka Remalandia) and Lollerland.

By Yamakami

By Kanosus

By Harndar

By Remalandia

By Lollerland