CoN Thread - The August International Consulate [Novrith & Latin only]

The August International Consulate
Consuls Johanna Jura & Varus Nascorus

The August International Consulate is the foreign headquarters of the August Consular Office, headed by the dual Consuls Johanna Jura & Varus Nascorus. Staffed primarily by Consul Johanna Jura, when she is personally available, or by the Consular Praefect, Giacomina de Chiesa.

The Consulate, whilst it will take prepared statements from any representative, is designed specifically for meetings and negotiations between parties to the formal Novrith Pact, or nations considered within the umbrella of the Pax Latina.

In specific, nations that are members of the Pax Latina but not of the Novrith Pact are Cronaal, the Baleine Kingdom, Tolima, and the Latin League (Montani, Silly String, & Floresque). This list may not be comprehensive.

[[OOC: An exception on individual grounds has been made for the Yeran representative/s, extended personally and privately by the two Consuls and the Consular Praefect.]]