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    Happy New Year!
    So, 2017 is upon us, what does that mean for you? What does that mean for your region? For the Commonwealth, well we're hoping for a year of growth, happiness and good health, not just for us but for all of our allies aswell. What more could you wish for? 2017 will be a good year. (touch wood) Already we have launched a new recruitment program and begun the planning of a huge number of events, most of which all of our allies can get involved in when registered on our forums as ambassadors.

    Whilst a few regions do keep in contact with us, we'd really like to hear from everyone so please don't hesitate to register on the Commonwealth forum today and start keeping us updated of your regional affairs.

    New Secretary General
    After a hard-fought election with two separate ballots, on December 4th 2016 the representative of the Crownlands of Apocryphi was officially elected as our new Secretary General. He quickly formed his government of 9 ministers ranging through 3 departments and has taken very proactive steps to ensure the cabinet is working hard on the goals of this new administration. Issuing regular objectives and goals, here's hoping the fate of the Commonwealth is looking brighter than it was prior to December the 4th.

    New Regional Events
    The historical department of culture has been reinstated within the Commonwealth and with this a new host of event planning is underway, we're hoping for a great things from the Deputy in-charge of the area of has had numerous tenures in numerous departments over numerous years. Smacakkelot, the Deputy Secretary of State for Culture has already opened the Official 2016 Commonwealth Culture Fair! The Deputy Secretary has been working hard on bringing about a sense of pride to the Commonwealth's vast and beautiful culture. The Department of State encourages everyone to join in on the festival, from near or far!

    With a renewed image, the Commonwealth is opening its arms to the rest of the world. Don't be strangers and feel free to pay a visit whenever you'd like! Whether it be forging new friendships or reigniting old flames, we're here and we're waiting for you.

    Thanks for reading.